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  1. rx for febrile neutropenia
    • anti pseudomononas
    • add vanco if¬†
    • hypotensive
    • pna
    • soft tissue infection
    • suspected line infection

    add anti fungal if persistentlyf febrile after 7 days or growing fungus
  2. how to diagnose CLL
    • more than 5000 lymphocytes and flow cytometry showing B cell markers
    • only biopsy if uncertain
  3. rx for meniere dz
    • restrictio of sodium
    • diuretics
  4. what is meniere dz
    • vertigo
    • sensorineural hearing loss
    • tinnitus/ear fullness
  5. caues of lipase elevation besides pancreatitis
    • dka
    • renal failure
    • small bowel obstruction
  6. mnemonic for wallenberg syndrome or lateral medullary syndrome
    dont pick a hoarse that cant eat
  7. cartoid artery dissection can present how
    vertebral artery dissection can present how
    • middle cerebral artery stroke + horners
    • horners syndrome + aphasia, ataxia but no weakness==wallenburg syndrome
  8. pt on depakote, presents with encephalopathy, causes
    ammonia related encephalopathy due to depakote
  9. is sensation affected in ALS
    no, it is intact
  10. random weakness and sensory alteration
    mononeuritis  multiplex
  11. 3 common complications of ROy and Y surgery
    • dumping syndrome
    • cholelithiasis
    • stomal stenosis
  12. pt with decreased cell lines and elevated lymphs after cheom, what do you suspect
  13. rx for allergic conjunctivitis
    • nothing, obserive
    • give olapatadine in prolonged for recurrent
  14. how if vocal cord dysfunciton suspected
    • persistent asthma despite maximal therapy
    • triggered by GERD, emotions
  15. can you give oral steroids for CPS
  16. myositis + cytoplasmic vacuolization dx
    colchicine induced myositis
  17. controlling lipids or AIC reduces CVD risk more
  18. controlling AIC reduces micro or macrovascular complications
    • micro i.e nephropathy
    • neuropathy
  19. 3 causes of nocturnal diarrheai
    • ibd
    • celiac
    • microscopic colitis
  20. what goes agaist IBS
    • lab abnormalitis
    • noctural diarreah
  21. brachial plexus cancer vs radioation
    cancer is severe pain, + horners

    radiation is later on , less pain and no horners
  22. pt immobilized for 3 days, can you start ipc
    yes after ruleing out DVT first tho
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