Getting Serious

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  1. The fact is that the only way you are going to achieve your financial goals is when you quit fooling around and get really serious.
    Financial success cannot be something you are going to achieve someday, when everything is just right. The situation will never be just right.
    There will always be reasons to procrastinate, but the stakes are too high. You must get serious, and you must get serious today.
  2. People who become truly successful begin their upward trajectory as a result of dedicating themselves to be the best at whatever they are doing.
    They commit themselves to mastery of their craft.
    The bottom line is that it takes 5-7 years, and 10,000 hours of application, for you to rise into the top 10% of your field.
    There are simply no shortcuts to mastery inĀ  your field.
  3. It takes about 2 years of work in a given field for you to know if this is the right career for you.
    In entrepreneurship, it takes about 2 years of losses before a new business begins to make more money than it costs to keep the doors open.
  4. You require another 2 years to determine whether you have the desire and ability to rise to the top of your field.
    In business, in year 3 and 4 you earn enough to pay back the debts that you incurred in the first 2 years.
  5. After 4 years, if you are in the right field or business, you start to move toward the front of the pack.
    After 4 years, you will have had sufficient experience to make better and better decisions, and get better and better results.
  6. By the 7th year, if you have put your whole heart into doing your work the very best way possible, and have continually upgradedĀ  your knowledge and skills, you will break out into the lead.
    You will move into the top 10% and being to enjoy success and rewards that are many times greater than the average person in your field.
    When you get into the top 1 or 2 percent, you will be earning 20-30 times more than people at average levels of performance.
  7. Sometimes when I explain these principles and the years necessary for mastery, people complain, "That's too long!"
    But then I point out to them, "The time is going to pass anyway."
    How much older will you be in 5-7 years?
    The fact is that you will be 5-7 years older.
    The time is going to pass anyway.
    The only question is, "Are you going to be at the top of your field in five to seven years -- with all the rewards that go along with great success, or are you still going to be running along back in the pack with the other average performers?
  8. Whatever field you are in, make sure that it is the right field for you, and then throw your whole heart into becoming absolutely excellent at what you do.
    Whether it takes five, six, or seven years -- it doesn't matter.
    All that matters is that sometime in the future you reach the top. When you do, all the pain and sacrifice you endured to get there disappears.
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