MCQ Breast - Miscellaneous disease of breast

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  1. Treatment of Retromammary Breast Abscess?
    No need to drain retromammary abscess, only conservative treatmentQ
  2. How is S. aureus are transmitted in breast abscess/
    Via suckling neonateQ
  3. Incision in drainage of breast abscess?
    Circumareolar incisions or incisions paralleling Langer’s linesQ
  4. MC benign tumor of female breastQ?
  5. Treatment of breast cyst?
    • • Aspiration for Solitary cyst: If they resolve completely, and if the fluid is not blood-stained, no further treatment is required (30% will recur and require reaspiration) Q
    • • Core biopsy or local excisionQ: If there is a residual lump or if the fluid is blood-stained, for histological diagnosis (exclude cystadenocarcinoma, which is more common in elderly women
  6. Treatment of cracked nipple?
    Rest for 24–48 hours and the breast should be emptied with a breast pumpQ
  7. Rotter’s nodesQ?
    Interpectoral nodes (CA breast) Q
  8. Rouvier nodesQ
    Retropharyngeal nodes (CA Nasopharynx) Q
  9. Delphian nodesQ
    Pre-cricoid lymph nodesQ
  10. Irish nodesQ
    Nodes in left axilla (CA stomach) Q
  11. Sister Mary Joseph nodesQ
    Periumbilical metastatic cutaneous nodules
  12. Virchow nodesQ
    Left supraclavicular nodeQ
  13. Cloquet nodeQ
    Femoral canal nodeQ
  14. LN of LundQ
    Cystic lymph nodeQ
  15. Drug of choice for Galactorrrhea?
  16. BromocriptineQ
  17. Virginal Hypertrophy?
    Massive enlargement of usually both breastsQ•
  18. Haagensen’s Criteria of Inoperability?
    • 1. Extensive edema of the breastQ
    • 2. Satellite noduleQ of carcinoma
    • 3. Inflammatory carcinomaQ
    • 4. Supraclavicular metastasisQ
    • 5. A parasternal tumorQ, indicating spread to the internal mammary LNs
    • 6. Edema of armQ
    • 7. Distant metastasisQ
  19. What is Amazia?
    Congenital absence of the breastQ
  20. What is Poland’s syndrome Q?
    Amazia associated with absence of the sternal portion of the pectoralis major
  21. What are the features of Breast Leiomyosarcoma?
    • • Malignant tumorsQ composed of cells showing smooth muscle features
    • • Locally aggressive tumor and hematogenous metastasisQ
    • • Palpable axillary lymphadenopathy is uncommonQ and when encountered usually represents reactive LNs uninvolved by metastatic diseaseQ
    • • A clinically negative axilla in presence of large tumor may be indicative of breast sarcoma
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