Chapter 2 Study Guide

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  1. What does “genre” mean?
  2. What is the protagonist?
  3. What is an antagonist?
  4. What is a catharsis?
  5. Who was the first author of written comedies known to us from the Greek world?
  6. How does tragedy differ from comedy?
  7. What is a history play? Who is credited with inventing this genre?
  8. What is a dark comedy?
  9. What is farce?
  10. What is documentary theatre?
  11. Which critical work, written by Aristotle, defined what makes a perfect tragedy? What play did he cite as the perfect tragedy?
  12. What are the six components of a play that Aristotle lists in order of importance?
  13. What are the two primary demands of plot?
  14. What is a character?
  15. What is theme?
  16. What is diction?
  17. What is music as defined by Aristotle?
  18. What is spectacle?
  19. What are dramatic conventions? Give three examples.
  20. What is exposition?
  21. What the climax of a play?
  22. What is the denouement?
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