Principles of Government- Chapter 1

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  1. -The institution through which society creates and enforces public policy.
  2. Any decision the government makes 'laws'.
    Public Policy
  3. Name 2 Reasons why Governments are essential.

    Name some ways how government is involved its your life...
    • 1. Keeps control
    • 2. Provides help for those in need.

    • Ways government is involved with you life...
    • School
    • Police officer
    • Health care
  4. -A body of people living in a defined area with a government and te power to govern themselves. 
    -(Country itself can be considered a state)
  5. Name 4 characteristics of a state...
    • 1. Population
    • 2. Territory
    • 3. Government 
    • 4. Sovereignty
  6. -People living in a certain area.
  7. -The land itself.
  8. -Soceity making and enforcing laws.
  9. -The state has supreme and absolute power with its territory.
  10. Name 4 theories of how a state begins...
    • 1. Force Theory
    • 2. Evolutionary Theory
    • 3. Divine Right
    • 4. Social Contract Theory
  11. -Forceful takeover of authority by a person or group.
    Forceful theory
  12. Give an example of the Forceful Theory...
    • The Roman Empire
    • -Conquered people next to them with their army.
  13. -This is the natural outgrowth of family systems through increasingly large and complex communities.

    -Based off a few family units who grew/expanded.
    Evolutionary Theory
  14. -A god or gods created the state.
    Divine Right
  15. Give an example of the Divine Right Theory...
    • Ancient Egypt
    • -(Pharos were their god king)
  16. -People organized to form states to ensure their own survival.

    -(Work with the skill set of others).
    Social Contract Theory
  17. Give an example of the Social Contract Theory...
    • The United States (U.S.)
    • -During westward expansion.

    **This is how the U.S. started!!!!
  18. The Preamble to the Constitution was written to ____________.
    ...state the purpose of our government.
  19. Preamble Meanings 

    1. To form a more perfect union. 

    2. Establish justice.

    3. Ensure domestic tranquility.

    4. Provide for the common defense.

    5. Promote general welfare.

    6. Secure blessing of Liberty.
    1. -Keep States working together in a friendly way.

    2. -Treat people fairly.

    3. -To keep order.

    4. -Keep people safe from enemies.

    5. -Help the people.

    6. -Protect each person's freedoms.
  20. Governments Classified By Their Basic Features

    I. Geographic Distribution of Power
        A. ______________-All power is held by a central agency.

        B. ______________- All power is divided between central and local governments. 
    ***We have this government (U.S.)!!!

        C. ______________-An alliance of indepndent states.

    II. Relationship Between the Executive and Legislature Branches
        A. _____________- Each branch of government is independent and equal.
    ***We have this government (U.S.)!!!

        B. _____________- Members of the executive branch consist of members of the legislative branch.
    Ex.) Great Britain

    III. The Number of People Participating 
        A. _____________- The leader is not accountable to the people.
    Ex.) North Korea and Cuba

        B. ______________- The people hold political authority. 
    ***We have this government (U.S.)!!!
                 1. ___________- The people vote on every decision.
    Ex.) No country has this. (Too many people)
                 2.___________- People elect representatives to make decisions for them.
    ***We have this government (U.S.)!!!
    • I. Unitary Government 
    •    Federal Government (U.S. has this!!!)
    •    Confederation Government 

    • II. Presidential Form (U.S. has this!!!) 
    •     Parliamentary Form

    • III. Dictatorship
    •       Democracy (U.S. has this!!!)
    • 1. Direct Democracy 
    • 2. Representative Democracy (U.S. has this!!!)
  21. Name the 5 Basic Concepts of Democracy...
    • 1. Worth of the individual 
    • 2. Equality of all people
    • 3. Majority Rule and Minority Right
    • 4. Need for compromise
    • 5. Individual freedom
  22. -Have respect for everyone, because we are all important.
    Worth of the individual
  23. -Everyone should have an equal chance for sucess, and be treated the same, under the law.
    Equality of all People
  24. -The voting Majority Rules, but those voting in the minority still have the right to voice their opinions.
    Majority Rule and Minority Right
  25. -Each side gives and takes to find a position that most can accept.
    Need for compromise
  26. -People are given freedom, but our freedom is limited by the rights of others.
    Individual Freedom
  27. -Total lack of government.

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