Soc. St. Chapter 8

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  1. -First-hand account of an event or historical figure
    -"I was there..."
    -Ex. = diaries/journals, newspapers, artifacts, autobiographies
    Primary Source
  2. -Second-hand account of an event
    -"I heard that..."
    -Ex. = textbook
    Secondary Source
  3. -Plan to replace Continental Congress
    -Each state got one vote
    -One chamber of Congress
    New Jersey Plan
  4. -Plan to replace Continental Congress
    -Bicameral Congress
    -Representation was based on population
    Virginia Plan
  5. -1st form of American government
    -Each state was independent
    -Congress was the only branch of government
    -Each state got one vote
    -No president or courts
    Articles of Confederation
  6. -Branch of government that carries out (executes) laws
    -Made up of president, VP, and cabinet
    -Created by Article 2 of Constitution
    Executive Branch
  7. -Branch of government that makes laws
    -Made up of House of Representatives and Senate
    -Created by Article 1 of the Constitution
    Legislative Branch
  8. -Branch of government that carries out laws
    -Made up of Supreme Court
    -Created by Article 3 of the Constitution
    Judicial Branch
  9. -Compromise between the NJ and VA Plans
    -Bicameral Congress, made up of House of Representatives and Senate
    -House was based on population
    -Senate = each state gets two senators
    Connecticut Plan (Great Compromise)
  10. -Government in which the central government and state government share power
    -Federal law takes precedence over state law
  11. -A legislature that consists of two houses
  12. -Meeting of delegates in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation
    -The result was the drafting of the U.S. Constitution
    Constitutional Convention
  13. -Those who opposed the ratification of the Constitution
    -Feared a strong central government
  14. -Supporters of Constitution
    -Favored a strong central government
  15. -A group of individuals united together for a purpose
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