DHE 112 Chapter 1 Introduction to preventive dentistry

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  1. The mission of dental care is:
    To focus on the ability to help individuals achieve and maintain maximum oral health throughout their lives
  2. Who was the Founder of dental hygiene?
    Dr. Alfred C. Fones
  3. Who wrote the first textbook?
    Preventive Dentistry by Dr. Fones
  4. The individual is a multidimensional
    •  Physical
    •  Mental
    •  Spiritual
    •  Social
    •  Emotional
  5. Uses strategies and agents to prevent the onset of diseases, reverse the progress of disease, or arrest the disease process before secondary preventive treatment becomes necessary? This level is sometimes thought of as dental hygiene.
    Primary prevention
  6. What is included in Primary Prevention?
    • • Oral evaluation
    • • Dental prophylaxis
    • • Fluoride as a preventive agent
    • • Dental sealants
    • • Xylitol
    • • Health education
    • • Health promotion
  7. Uses routine treatment methods to terminate a disease process and/or restore tissues to as near normal as possible?
  8. What level of prevention is sometimes thought of as dental hygiene?
    primary prevention
  9. What level of prevention can be termed restorative care?
  10. What is included in secondary and tertiary?
    • • Dental restorations
    • • Periodontal debridement
    • • Fluoride use on incipient caries
    • • Dental sealants on incipient caries (ART)
    • • Endodontics
  11. Uses measures necessary to replace lost tissues and rehabilitate patients to as near normal as possible?
    Tertiary prevention
  12. This level can be termed reconstructive care.
    tertiary prevention
  13. what is included in Tertiary prevention?
    • • Prosthodontics
    • • Implants
    • • Oromaxillofacial surgery
  14. Acquired oral conditions?
    • Dental caries and periodontal diseases (acquired conditions—dental plaque)
    •  Oral cancer
    •  Opportunistic infections
    • Craniofacial disorders including a wide variety of conditions ranging from genetics to accidents
  15. Procedure of determining an individual's or population's risk of experiences a specific disease or condition?
    • Risk assesment:
    •  CAMBRA
    •  Periodontal Risk Calculator
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