8 DHC-6 Hydraulics

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  1. What is hydraulic powered in the Otter?
    Wing Flaps,

    Nose Wheel Steering

  2. When is the Hydraulic system powered?

    What happens if it fails?
    Powered whenever DC bus is energized.

    Should the pump fail a hand pump is available that attaches to the left hand side of the pedestal
  3. Where is the hydraulic power pack situated and what type of fluid is used
    In tray on compartment under captains floor.

    MIL-H-5606 which is RED in colour
  4. What bus does the DC pump run off
    Left DC bus
  5. What are the cut in and cut our pressures and where is the relay?
    Pump turns off at 1525-1625psi

    Come online at 300psi drop (1225-1325)

    Relay is in main cabin roof and 3-5 second pulses of the hydraulic pump can be easily heard from the cabin
  6. How many strokes of the hand pump needed for 1500psi
  7. At what pressure does a pressure relief valve open if the pressure cut out switch fails?
    1750psi early aircraft

    1950psi later aircraft
  8. Does a leak in the system upstream from the brakes affect the brakes.
    No because the brake section and accumulator are isolated by a non return valve

    I leak in the braking section will mean a failure of all system though as fuel will pass valve into brake section and leak out
  9. How much does reservoir hold and when can it be checked with the dipstick
    2/3 Gallons of fluid and flaps must be retracted and both pressure gauges reading zero before it can be checked.
  10. What is the type of gas and the pressure gas precharge in the damping accumulators?
    750psi of nitrogen gas.

    Absorbs shock load on pump start. One serves all hydraulics and one serves brakes.
  11. What happens to pressure when pump fails?
    Falls slowly to 750psi (matching the accumlator pressure)

    Then falls rapidly

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8 DHC-6 Hydraulics
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DHC Hydraulics

DHC-6 Hydraulics
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