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  1. When determining whether an indoor marijuana growing operation is hazardous, members shall determine whether the following condition(s) exist:
    • A. Presence of unknown and/or improperly stored chemicals
    • B. Electrocution threat
    • C. Presence of warm, humid, wet and/or improperly ventilated areas
    • D. Visible mold or fungi
    • E. All of the above
  2. _____________ is in charge of all site safety issues while at the scene of a CLRT operation:
    CLRT Supervisor
  3. In order for the PA Amber Alert Plan to be activated, the following minimum criteria must be met:
    • The abducted person must be a child under the age of 18.
    • Law enforcement must be satisfied that the abducted child is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death.
  4. As defined by AR 9-3, an act by a person who removes or confines a child and by such act places the child in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death is a/an ________________.
    Child abduction
  5. Who ultimately has the final decision in the activation or deactivation of the Amber Alert Plan?
    Supervisor of the Criminal Investigation Assessment/Missing Person Unit
  6. Once a decision is made to activate an Amber Alert how is this process initiated?
    Contact the Department Watch Center to initiate the alert
  7. When shall the abducted child be entered into CLEAN/NCIC?
    Upon receiving all information from first responding officer and notifying the DWC via telephone
  8. Once the DWC is contacted to activate an Amber Alert who do they then contact?
    • Amber Alert State Coordinator
    • The on-call PA Amber Alert Designee
  9. A CLEAN scope message that was sent should also be cancelled if deemed appropriate to do such. True/False
  10. The maximum distance that a CLEAN scope message can be sent is:
  11. Bureau/Office Directors shall ensure an authorized (certified) CLEAN terminal operator completes a system "sign-on" to retrieve pending messages at least twice each workday. True/False
  12. In regards to an Escapee, when such a housing institution is not equipped with a CLEAN terminal, it shall be initiated by the Station in whose jurisdiction the institution is located. True/False
  13. A CLEAN scope message should be sent for Identifiable and NonIdentifiable stolen property with such identifiable property also being entered into NCIC. True/False
  14. The Troop Officer of the Day shall notify the following personnel of such an Escapee:
    Fugitive Task Force Supervisor, Special Investigations Division, Bureau of Criminal Investigation
  15. TRUE/FALSE: Concerning the Statistical Narcotic Report System, the prefix to all incident numbers must be three-character codes.
  16. For data entry on the Statistical Narcotic Report System, when entering County/Twp Code recorded as Unknown, how is it entered?
  17. For data entry on the Statistical Narcotic Report System, when entering customary Units of measure reported as fractions, there is space to enter how many decimals Places?
    up to three decimal points
  18. As soon as practicable when sending a CLEAN message to the Commissioner Concerning EMERGENCIES AND CIVIL ORDERS, which of the following does NOT need to be included in the message?
    Number of Troopers needed for the response
  19. TRUE/FALSE: A CLEAN Message is required when Prosecution is inititated against any Commonwealth Employees (not Department Personnel), and is related to any violation of the Vehicle Code which is a Felony only.
  20. For NCIC Entries for missing/runaway persons, the complainant must complete a MISSING PERSON DECLARATION for?
    Only individuals 21 years and older
  21. Upon completion of the Missing person investigation, the Missing Person Declaration shall?
    Stapled to the Department Headquarters Copy
  22. When a lottery retailer is arrested for a Misdemeanor/Felony violation of the PA Crimes Code the following shall be done:
    A CLEAN message shall be sent to the attention of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation
  23. Upon initiation of any of the following investigations the Criminal Investigation Section Commanders and Station Commanders shall ensure a CLEAN Message is sent to the attention of the COMMISSIONER AND DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF OPERATIONS/BUREAU OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION, to assist in the Department's Analytical Technique for the Apprehension of Criminals (ATAC) Program:
    • Homicide investigations
    • Suspicious death or equivocal death investigations
    • Missing person investigations where circumstances indicate a strong possibility of
    • foul play
    • Any other incident which will generate greater than normal media coverage
    • all the above
  24. True/False? Transient fraud activity shall also necessitate the generation of a CLEAN message to the attention of the Director Special Investigations Division on all such investigations.
  25. True/False? A CLEAN Message shall be sent to terminal "BCI221," "ATTENTION: SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION/AUTO THEFT SECTION," as soon as practicable, on all motor vehicle theft investigations and/or stolen vehicle recoveries, no exceptions.
    FALSE because Members assigned to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Special Investigations Division, Auto Theft Task Forces are exempt from this section
  26. AR 9-18 defines a victim as:
    • A person against whom a crime is being or has been perpetrated or attempted.
    • A parent or legal guardian of a child so victimized.
    • The immediate family member or legal guardian of a homicide victim.
    • All of the above.
  27. True/False. Notification Responsibilities of Local Law Enforcement Agencies: Act 114 of 1979 requires that State and Local law enforcement agencies notify victims of Pennsylvania Crime Victim?s Compensation Program in writing.
  28. Probable Cause Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases: Act 10 of 1986 requires police officers to:
    Notify victims of domestic violence of the availability of services and shelters and of their right to file a petition for an order for protection from domestic abuse.
  29. True/False: the AR 9-18 definition of a ?Witness? includes defense witnesses or perpetrators and accomplices of the related crime.
  30. True/False: It is the responsibility of the Troop Commander to ensure appropriate assistance is provided to victims and witnesses who have been threatened or who express specific, credible reasons for fearing intimidation or further victimization.
  31. Members conducting preliminary or supplemental investigations shall do which of the following?
    • Issue the Victim/Witness Assistance Guide
    • Inform victims and witnesses of the incident number
    • Ensure victims and witnesses are provided notice of the apprehension of a suspect.
    • All of the above.
  32. True/False. Communication-Desk Unit personnel shall provide at the least the following information to victims and witnesses between the victimization and preliminary investigation states of an incident: the 24-hours emergency telephone number of the applicable station and when exigent or other circumstances significantly delay a member?s arrival at an incident scene, a description of the victim and witness.
  33. When dealing with Sex offender Registration, Neighbor is defined as persons occupying both residences and places of employment within a _________-foot radius of a sexually violent predator?s or out-of-state offender?s (subject to community notification) residence, or the _______most immediate residences and places of employment in proximity to the sexually violent predator?s or out-of-state residence, whichever is greater.
    250 and 25.
  34. For the purpose of public notification pursuant to Megan?s Law, public information is NOT the following:
    The address at which the offender, subject to community notification, works
  35. The following is a definition of what: A person who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense and who is designated by a court to be a _______________ due to a mental abnormality or personality disorder that makes the person likely to engage in predatory sexually violent offenses. This includes any _______________________ determinations from another state, territory, federal court, the District of Columbia, or by court-martial.
    Sexually Violent Predator
  36. Who authorizes the Department to maintain and disseminate offender registration information. The registration process may occur at state or county correctional facilities, Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole Offices, or Pennsylvania State Police Stations.
    Megans Law
  37. Upon receipt of the initial CLEAN Message, who is responsible for ensuring that the offender?s address is within the Station?s primary jurisdiction, ensuring the CLEAN Message is acknowledged to CLEAN terminal "MEGAN1? and If the Station does not maintain primary jurisdiction over the listed address, ensure the acknowledgment contains the correct department?s/Station?s name, ORI, address, and telephone number.
    Station Commanders
  38. True/False: An offender who appears at a State Police Station to complete the Sexual Offender Registration Notification or the Sexual Offender Address Work Sheet but refuses to sign the form, has failed to register, and/or has violated another applicable section of Title 42, Judicial Code, Chapter 97, Subchapter?H.
  39. Megan?s Law requires offenders to report a change of address to the Pennsylvania State Police within _____ days of the change:
  40. You are asked to make a community & neighbor notification of a sexually violent predator. What forms do you need to complete to document your efforts?
    Assignment Report & Community Notification Worksheet
  41. Upon making community notification of a Sexually Violent Predator or out of state offender requiring notification the Troop or Station Commander shall ensure what is done?
    CLEAN message is directed to the Megan?s Law Section, Terminal ?Megan 1?
  42. You are working at the communication?s desk and an individual calls in requesting information concerning a Sexually Violent Predator. How do you handle that call?
    Tell them to physically come to the station to receive a copy of any community notification flier
  43. A Sexually Violent Predator comes to your station to change his address. What form do you use?
    Form SP 4-219 Sexual Offender Address Worksheet
  44. Copies of all fliers, reports, forms, CLEAN messages and notes shall be placed in a file created specifically for the Sexually Violent Predator or out of state offender subject to community notification. True/False
    False (Originals)
  45. True/False: The Sexual Offender Address Work Sheet, Form SP 4-219, shall be used for an offender moving to Pennsylvania from another state.
  46. True/False: The Sexual Offender Address Work Sheet, Form SP 4-219, is used for address verification and to report any change to an offender's address, employment, school, or vehicle information.
  47. True/False: Every block shall be completed on the Sexual Offender Address Work Sheet, even if there is no change.
  48. The MEPA system was established as part of the Amber Alert System?
  49. In order for the MEPA System to be activated, the subject of the advisory is not entered into which of the following categories?
  50. To be entered into the MEPA System the subject must meet the criteria for an Amber Alert?
  51. The first responding police officer after consulting with a supervisor and determining there is sufficient information to conclude that an activation request of the MEPA System is warranted, the Officer should contact?
    The appropriate Communications- Desk Unit Personnel
  52. The first responding officer shall follow the procedures contained within _________?
    FR 7-1 and OM 7-2
  53. Which is not one of the criteria for entry into the MEPA system?
    A. The person is missing under explained, voluntary or suspicious circumstances.
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