10 DHC- 6 Pitot,Emerg,Pneumatics

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  1. Which static vents control which pilots instuments?
    Lower Pitot head - Captain

    Upper Pitot head - F/O
  2. Where is the pitot static emergency selector located? 

    How does it re-direct?
    Below instrument panel (two pos switch)

    Switching to Emergency puts the Caps onto the F/O's vents as well.
  3. Where is the pitot heater switch and how is it powered?
    Located on STATIC overhead consul.

    Powered by L/R DC buses respectivley
  4. Where are the oxygen bottles?
    Co-Pilots side
  5. Where are there Fire Extinguishers?
    Co-Pilots side of cockpit

    Rear cabin wall floor
  6. Where are the first aid kits?
    Cockpit and Rear cabin floor
  7. Where is the crash Axe?
    Co-Pilots side of cockpit
  8. Where is the Survival kit?
    Rear cabin floor
  9. Where are the emergency exits?
    Row 2 both sides

    Rear cabin both sides

    Pilots doors
  10. Where is the cockpit vent intake and how is it controlled?
    Left side of nose

    RAM AIR VALUE lever on lower central pedestal

    Vent fan switch is there too
  11. How is cabin ventilation controlled?
    When CABIN AIR CONTROL VALVE is open supplies via control behind F/O's seat

    Up - Cockpit only

    Down - Cockpit and cabin
  12. The temp control knob is in what range between COOL and WARM?
    8 - 27 degrees
  13. What is bleed air is primarily used for what?


    Operating the intake deflectors! (But is available with bleed air off?)
  14. How much will torque drop by with bleed air turned ON?
    1 psi (should be off for takeoff)
  15. Bleed air Dual pressure switch detects what two declining pressures and does what in response?
    Below 25psi Send signal to cabin temp system to not open heating vavle anymore

    Below 20psi Closes bleed air to heater valve until pressure increases
  16. At what pressure does the bleed air caution light come on?

    Only on aircraft that use bleed air for de-icing

    (Only works on 18psi system)
  17. What Ng is required to EXTEND intake deflectors?
    80% Ng required to get pneumatic pressure required.

    Air flow assists retraction
  18. How much will PSI drop when intake deflector is down?

    Which bus is the switch powered from?
    1-2 psi

    RHS DC bus

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10 DHC- 6 Pitot,Emerg,Pneumatics
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10 DHC Pitot Emerg Pneumatics

10 DHC- 6 Pitot,Emerg,Pneumatics
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