DHE 101 Chapter 2 Evidence-Based Dental Hygiene Practice

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  1. Evidence versus Research
    A single research study does not constitute evidence but rather contributes to an overall body of knowledge derived from multiple studies investigating the same area.
  2. _____ is a formalized approach to clinical care in which the clinician, in consultation with the patient, uses the best scientific evidence available to make decisions about clinical interventions needed to optimize personal oral health.
    Evidence-based practice
  3. A good researchable question includes four parts, referred as to?
    • PICO
    • Patient/ problem
    • Intervention
    • Comparison
    • Outcome
  4. _______is the synthesis of all valid research studies that answer a specific question.
  5. Once synthesized the evidence can help determine?
    determine whether a method of diagnosis or treatment is effective as compared to other methods of diagnoses or to other treatments and under what circumstances
  6. Necessary Skills?
    • Convert information needs problem into clinical question.
    • Conduct computerized search.
    • Appraise the information for validity.
    • Apply results of appraisal or evidence into your clinical practice.
    • Evaluate process and outcome of care.
  7. Four components Evidence Based Decision Making Model?
    • Scientific Evidence
    • Patient Preferences or Values
    • Clinical Patient Circumstances
    • Experience & Judgment
  8. Its difficult to remainĀ current in all aspects of patient care. Why is it important?
    • Understanding of the evidence and how reported allows the clinician to make better decisions in patient care.
    • Must strive to provide the best possible patient care.
  9. What are the steps for a Systemic Approach to Evidence-Based Dental Hygiene Practice?
    • Step1: Determine clinical issue
    • Step2: Develop researchable question
    • Step3: Conduct search for evidence
    • Step4: Analyze evidence
    • Step5: Apply evidence
    • Step6: Evaluate patient outcomes
    • If outcomes are not as expected return to Step1 to modify search
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