FR 6-5 answers

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  1. Handling: Radar units must be handled with care to prevent malfunction due to abuse. At maintenance or calibration intervals, dents or damage to the antenna or readout unit shall be reported to the __________ for corrective action.
    Testing Station
  2. Under no circumstances shall field personnel attempt to adjust or repair a radar unit except that the ___________ may replace fuses and lighter plugs as necessary.
    Trooper Communications Specialist
  3. When operating radar on a highway where the posted speed limit decreases (for example: 55 MPH speed limit reduces to a 35 MPH speed limit), radar shall not be set up within ______ from the first sign indicating the beginning of the reduced speed zone.
    1 mile
  4. Pursuit driving is not permitted with the radar antenna mounted on the outside of the vehicle. True/False
  5. The radar unit shall be tested at the beginning and end of each _________.
    Period of radar operation
  6. True or False. Excess of Legal Speed: Prosecution should be instituted when the recorded speed is in excess of the legal speed limit, subject to the limitations provided by statute.
  7. True or False. Detaining Violators: Violators may be detained in groups in order to convey a group to the office of a district justice.
  8. True or False. Court Preparation and Testimony: The prosecutor is responsible for the preparation of radar cases to be introduced in court and shall ensure that the Certificate of Accuracy is presented during testimony. Device and Testing Stations may be cited as being approved by The Department pursuant to publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin
  9. The Drone Radar:
    • alerts drivers with radar detectors to check their speed
    • is permanently mounted in select unmarked vehicles
    • is automatically activated upon vehicle ignition
    • all of the above
  10. The difference between indicated speed and test speed for each increment specified on the certificate must be within the limits of ________________ .
    Plus zero minus 1 mile per hour
  11. Calibration and Maintenance:? All radar equipment shall be tested and calibrated ___________________ in accordance with section 3368 (d) of the Vehicle Code.
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FR 6-5 answers
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