OM 7 Chapter 2 Physical Evidence

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  1. True or FjQuery110105932893523291489_1505143792540..Physical evidence that aids the investigator in establishing the facts of an offense is any object or material which a suspect leaves at or takes from a crime scene, of which may be otherwise connected with a crime.
  2. Physical evidence can assist the investigator by giving direction to the investigation. It aids in the solution of a case because it can:
    • Develop or identify suspects.
    • Prove or disprove an alibi.
    • Connect or eliminate suspects.
    • Develop a modus operandi or show a similar modus operandi.
    • Identify stolen property or contraband.
    • All of the above.
  3. Evidence can be positively identified as having come from specific source or person if sufficient identifying characteristics, or sufficient microscopic or accidental markings are present is called;
    Evidence with individual identifying characteristics
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OM 7 Chapter 2 Physical Evidence
OM 7 Chapter 2 Physical Evidence
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