Words from Latin Roots (11)

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  1. allocate
    v: to put aside for a specific purpose, as money or time
  2. circumlocution
    n: using many more words than necessary to make a point; evasiveness
  3. colloquy
    n: a formal conversation a discussion, usually on a serious topic; a conference convened to discuss a specific subject
  4. elucidate
    v: to shed some light on q subject, as through clear explanation
  5. literati
    n: collectively, the educated, or well-lettered, members of society; scholarly people
  6. localism
    n: an expression or manner typical of a specific region
  7. loquacious
    a: too talkative; excessively wordy; fond of one's own voice
  8. luminary
    n: any particularly brilliant, famous, or well-known person; a celebrity
  9. obliterate
    v: to destroy all traces of; to obscure or erase completely
  10. pellucid
    a: presented in such a way that understanding is clear and easy; showing maximum clarity
  11. relocate
    v: to more to a new place, especially a new residence or section of the country
  12. semiliterate
    • a: barely able to read and write; able to read but not write; 
    • n, a person or persons with poor language skills
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Words from Latin Roots (11)
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