Words from Latin Roots (12)

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  1. commemorate
    v: to honor the memory of something or someone, as in a ceremony or celebration
  2. emancipate
    v: to set free from bondage or slavery
  3. mandate
    n: an authoritative command or popular charge; 

    v: to order or command
  4. matriarch
    n: a woman who rules, as in a family or tribe
  5. matriculate
    v: to enrole, as in college or university--which then become one's alma mater ("fostering mother")
  6. matrix
    n: any kind of mold, form,or casting from which things are produced
  7. media
    n: collectively, the various means of communication operating between events and the general population
  8. mediate
    v: to settle differences (between parties), as by compromise, or reaching a middle ground
  9. mediocrity
    n: the condition of being ordinary; a state of moderate or low quality
  10. memorabilia
    n: a collection of all sorts of objects or information, as from the past
  11. memorandum
    n: a short note (intended to jog the memory)
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Words from Latin Roots (12)
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