Chapter 5: Microbial Growth + Growth Control

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  1. Describe continuous growth culture and chemostat
    Continuous culture = open system of microbial culture of fixed volume

    fresh medium is added at a constant rate while equal number of culture is removed; this is the dilution rate

    • Chemostat = most common type of continuous culture
    • "wherein both growth rate and cell density can be controlled independently"

    these two factors control growth rate + cell density: 1) dilution rate 2) concentration of a limiting nutrient

    • hey a concept:
    • at too high of a dilution rate, the organism cannot grow fast enough to keep up and is washed out. at too low of a dilution rate, cells may die from starvation because the limiting nutrient is not being added fast enough to support minimal cell metabolism.

    cell density is controlled by a limiting nutrient. increasing limiting nutrient concentration will increase cell density but not increase growth rate
  2. How are microorganisms classified by their growth temperature optima?
    • Psychrophile - low temperature
    • Thermophile - high temperature
    • mesophile - moderate / midrange temperature
    • hypothermophile - very high temperature
  3. What are psychrotolerant microbes?
    Organisms that can grow at low temperature (0) but have an optima kinda higher (20-40)
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