170 Flight Controls

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  1. What is the only primary flight control that is not FBW (Fly-By-Wire)?
  2. What is the difference between normal mode and direct mode?
    There are no higher level functions available in direct mode
  3. What are the higher level functions associated with pitch?
    • Gain on airspeed

    • Elevator thrust compensation

    • AOA limiting
  4. What are the higher level functions associated with yaw?
    • • Yaw damp
    • • Turn coordination
    • • Thrust asymmetry
    • • Gain on airspeed – as airspeed increases, rudder deflection decreases
  5. What is the priority for the trim system?
    • • Back-up
    • • Captain
    • • First Officer
    • •Autopilot
  6. How is roll controlled?
    Ailerons and multi-function spoilers (outer 3 spoilers on each wing)
  7. How many multi-function spoilers are on each wing? What are their functions?
    • 5

    • 3 outboard spoilers are used to assist in roll control and for ground spoilers

    • 2 inboard spoilers are only used for ground spoilers
  8. When will the speed brakes automatically close even if the lever shows deployed?
    • Flaps > 2

    • Airspeed < 180 kts

    • TLA > 70°
  9. What is the flap/slat extension/retraction sequence?
    • Slats extend first

    • Flaps retract first
  10. Will loss of airspeed data cause the flight controls to go into ‘DIRECT’ mode?
  11. Can a FCM override pilot input?
    No, the pilot always has supreme control
  12. What happens to artificial feel if flight controls are disconnected?
    Artificial feel is felt at ½ the normal load
  13. How are the flight controls trimmed?
    • Roll & Yaw:        Ailerons and Rudder surface repositioned to a new ‘neutral position’

    • Pitch:                Horizontal Stabilizer
  14. Will the multi-function spoilers function in ‘DIRECT’ mode?
    Yes, for roll only and at a default fixed gain
  15. Will the speed brakes / ground spoilers function in ‘DIRECT’ mode?
  16. What happens to the flight control system when the RAT is the only AC power source?
    • Horizontal stab trim operates at ½ speed

    • Slat / flap system operates at ½ speed

    • Slat / flap position is limited to ‘3’ to allow adequate airspeed for the RAT
  17. When is the Electrical PBIT performed? How long does it take to perform? What will interrupt the Elec. PBIT test?
    Automatically performed during power up after the airplane is powered by any AC source and takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.

    Interupted if any electric hydraulic pump is turned on, the FCP switches are cycled or if ac power is Interupted while the test is running.
  18. How is the horizontal stabilizer moved?
    Input: pitch trim switch

    Electric signal goes to HS-ACE (with input from FCM. which is autopilot trim and speed brake auto trim)

    Signal goes to horizontal stabilizer actuator.

    The horizontal stabilizer is a single electrical mechanical actuator. 2 DC motors drive the actuator in an active / standby configuration.
  19. When do the multifunction and ground spoilers deploy on the ground?
    Weight on wheels

    Wheel speed is above 45 knots or airspeed above 60 knots.

    Thrust lever angle belw 26°.
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