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  1. What are the policies that community policing promotes?
    organizational strategies that support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime
  2. Police interventions must be implemented with
    strong policies and training in place, without that what could occur?
    police interventions can easily devolve into racial profiling, excessive use of force, and other practices that disregard civil rights, causing negative reactions from people living in already challenged communities.
  3. What are the two key elements of community policing which are vital to protecting residents of these communities from the crime that plagues them
    mutual trust and cooperation
  4. By combining a focus on intervention and prevention through problem solving with building collaborative partnerships between law enforcement agencies and schools, social services, and other stakeholders what does community policing improve
    public safety but also enhances social connectivity and economic strength, which increases community resilience to crime
  5. Who state, "community policing starts on the street corner, with respectful interaction between a police officer and a local resident, a discussion that need not be related to a criminal matter.  In fact, it is important that not all interactions be based on emergency calls or crime investigations.
    Camden County,New Jersey, Police Chief J. Scott Thomson
  6. Community policing requires the active building of positive relationships with members of the community—on an agency as well as on a personal basis, how can that be done?
    By assigning officers to geographic areas on a consistent basis, so that through the continuity of assignment they have the opportunity to know the members of the community
  7. Which police department formed with Catholic Charities to help the local immigrant community
    Eagle County, Colorado’s Law Enforcement Immigrant Advisory Committee
  8. To be most effective, community policing also requires collaborative through
    partnerships with agencies beyond law enforcement
  9. What  partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, the school district, the District Attorney’s office, Family Court, and other stakeholders significantly reduced the number of arrests of minority youths for minor offenses.
    Philadelphia’s Police Diversion Program described by Kevin Bethel, Deputy Commissioner of Patrol Operations
  10. Who state, "We need to teach new recruits that law enforcement is more than just cuffing ‘perps’—it’s understanding why people do what they do."
    Office of Community Oriented Policing Services Director Ronald L. Davis
  11. What is the final goal of law enforcement
    the promotion and protection of public safety while respecting the dignity and rights of all. And public safety and well-being cannot be attained without the community’s belief that their wel lbeing is at the heart of all law enforcement activities.
  12. What is a much more powerful mechanism for crime control and reduction than  formal punishment
    Social Control
  13. Who state, "Community policing must be a way of doing business by an entire police force, not just a specialized unit of that force"
    Police Chief J. Scott Thomson of Camden County, New Jersey
  14. What police agency expects every officer is expected to get to know the residents, businesses, community groups, churches, and schools on their beat and work with them to identify and address public safety challenges, including quality of life issues such as blight.
    Richmond, California Chris Magnus, police chief
  15. What has emerged as model practices for addressing community problems that are not resolvable by the police alone
    Collaborative approaches that engage professionals
  16. “Neighborhood policing provides an opportunity for police departments to do things with residents in the co-production of public safety rather than doing things to or for them.
    Delores Jones Brown
  17. Who are the key partners in creating public safety, so communities and police need mechanisms to engage with each other in consistent and meaningful ways
    Members of communities
  18. What police agency is governed by the Board of Police Commissioners, a five-person civilian body with each member appointed by the mayor
    The Los Angeles Police Department
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