Chapter 1

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  1. What is Psychology?
    Psychology, is the study of the mind.
  2. Psychology
    The scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
  3. What is introspection?
    Introspection, is the study of "mental processes" and has been highly dependent on the methods available to psychologists.
  4. Introspection
    Personal Observation of your own thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
  5. What is behaviorism?
    Behaviorism, is the mental processes in our definition of psychology.
  6. Behaviorism
    An approach to psychology that features the study and careful measurement of observable behaviors.
  7. What is Functionalism?... Structuralism?
    Functionalism - viewed behavior as purposeful, because it led to survival.
  8. Functionalism
    Am approach that saw behavior as purposeful and contributing to survival.
  9. What is Structuralism?
    Structuralism, was established in 1867 when Wilhelm Wundt established a theory of structuralism, in which the mind could be broken down into the smallest elements of mental experience.
  10. Who was Sigmund Freud?
    Sigmund Freud was the one who built a bridge from his medical training as a physician to his belief in the impact of life experiences on behavior.
  11. Who was B.F. Skinner?
    B.F. Skinner was interested in the effects of consequences on how frequently behaviors were performed.
  12. Who was Abraham Maslow?
    Abraham Maslow was always asking interesting questions about what a made a person "good". Maslow introduced a major theory of motivation, which was described in more detail on chapter 7.
  13. Who was William James?
    William James proposed functionalism, and approach to mind that viewed behavior as purposeful.
  14. Can you distinguish the various psychological perspectives? For example, developmental, clinical, and evolutionary psychology.
    Yes, it is possible to distinguish the various psychological perspectives.
  15. What was the impact of Freud`s psychodynamic theory on psychological thinking and when was this felt most strongly?
    The impact on Freud`s psychodynamic theory and its applications to the treatment of psychological disorders dominated much of psychological thinking for the first half of the 21st century. Sigmund Freud nearly single handedly founded the study of personality in psychology.
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