Science Chapter 1 Review

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  1. The jellylike material that fills up a cell is called
  2. An animal that has a backbone, breathes air, and has hair is a
  3. You can tell that a moss is not a ____________ because it has no tubes to carry water and nutrients from cell to cell.
  4. Scientists ________ organisms to show how they are related to each other.
  5. Tiny, one-called organisms in the moneran kingdom are called _______
  6. The tube that grows out of a pollen grain contains a ____________
  7. An animal that has a backbone is called a __________
  8. A group that contains organisms of just one kind is called a ___________
  9. The cell part that can use the sun’s energy to make sugars is the _________
  10. The smallest unit of life is the ___________
  11. An arthropod, which is an _____, has a stiff outer shell that supports its body.
  12. In a conifer, the _____ grows inside the seed cone.
  13. A ____ is a particle that can carry out some, but not all, of the life processes.
  14. A group of similar species is called a _______
  15. The stiff outer layer in plant cells is called the ______
  16. The cell part that controls the cell’s activities is the _______
  17. Mushrooms, molds, and mildew belong to the fungus _______
  18. A thin layer that surrounds the outside of a cell is the _________
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