Spanish Imperfect

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  1. As a little girl I played sports
    De nino, jugaba deportes
  2. They played with the electric train
    Jugaban con el tren electrico
  3. You watched the video games
    Veias los videojuegos
  4. You tied the rope (for a long period of time in the past)
    Atabas la cuerda
  5. We were generous
    Eramos generosa
  6. They were disobedient
    Eran desobediente
  7. We had a guinea pig
    Teniamos un cobaya
  8. I had a turtle
    Tenia una tortuga
  9. You had a fish
    Tenia un pez
  10. We played with blocks
    Jugabamos con bloques
  11. They had a rabbit
    Tenian un conejo
  12. We were timid
    Eramos timida
  13. You rode your tricycle
    Montabas tu triciclo
  14. They had a teddy bear
    Tenian un oso de peluche
  15. I used to jump rope
    Saltaba la cuerda
  16. You played with the figurine (boy doll)
    Jugabas con el muneco
  17. We had a watergun
    Teniamos una pistola de agua
  18. I played on the playground
    Jugaba en el patio de recreo
  19. They rode horses
    Montaban caballos
  20. We fought eachother
    Nos peleabamos
  21. I had some fishes
    Tenia unos peces
  22. When I was 10 years old, I played with my rabbit
    Cuando tenia diez anos, jugaba con mi conejo
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