UM 3-0 Recruiting Operations

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  1. The three lines of effort:
    prospecting, processing, and leading future soldiers.
  2. The 8 Recruiting Functions
    • 1. Mission Command
    • 2. Intelligence
    • 3. Prospecting
    • 4. Interviewing
    • 5. Processing
    • 6. Leading Future Soldiers
    • 7. Training and Leader Development
    • 8. Sustainment
  3. Operational variables:
    • political, military, economic, social, information, infrastructure, physical environment, time
  4. Mission variables:
    • METT-TC
    • mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, time available, civil considerations
  5. What are the main 4 components of the recruiting network
    • 1. external network
    • 2.┬áthe army's talent acquisition team
    • 3. internal network
    • 4. information systems
  6. What are the foundations of recruiting?
    Trust and credibility balanced by the Army Values.
  7. Recruiting Principles
    • Right message, right audience, right time.
    • Empower subordinate leaders.
    • Conduct in-depth market analysis and tailor recruiting effort.
    • Retain gains.
    • Understand and adapt quickly to market changes.
    • Invest in the recruiting team and hold them accountable.
    • Tell the Army story - promote Army pride.
  8. What are the principles that guide mission command?
    • 1. Build cohesive teams through mutual trust.
    • 2. Create shared understanding.
    • 3. Provide a clear commander's intent.
    • 4. Exercise discipline initiative.
    • 5. Use mission orders.
    • 6. Accept prudent risk.
  9. What are the operational imperatives?
    • 1. Know your area of operations
    • 2. Know your competition
    • 3. Know yourself
  10. What is PAE?
    Position, analysis, and evaluation. It is the systematic approach for defining the operational recruiting environment. Requires a blend of the art and the science of recruiting to maximize efforts. Science it is the historical data and art is the information gather from on ground troops.
  11. Targeting methodology
    Decide, Detect, Deliver, and Assess
  12. Under the operational framework the three categories of recruiting operations are are:
    Decisive, Shaping, and Sustaining.
  13. What is the SWOT?
    Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A methodology that provides commanders with a common framework when assessing organizational performance.
  14. What is an RFA?
    Recruiting function analysis. Provide leaders with a systematic method to assess unit performance for each recruiting function.
  15. What are the considerations used for the SWOT analysis?
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