The Amendments to the Constitution

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  1. Amendment 1
    freedom of speech, press, religion
  2. Amendment 2
    right to bear arms
  3. Amendment 3
    right against quartering soldiers
  4. Amendment 4
    protection against search and seizure (without a warrant)
  5. Amendment 5
    right to due process of law, right to property (property may not be taken away without fair compensation)
  6. Amendment 6
    right to a trial by jury, establishes rights in a trial process (right to attorney, Writ of habeus corpus)
  7. Amendment 7
    right to a trial by jury
  8. Amendment 8
    no excessive bail or fines, no cruel or unusual punishment
  9. Amendment 9
    the Constitution may not be construed to deny people of non-enumerated rights guaranteed to other people
  10. Amendment 10
    powers not given to the federal government are given to the states or people
  11. Amendment 11
    the Judicial power of the United States does not extend beyond the Supreme Court (limits ability to sue states)
  12. Amendment 12
    • clarifies electoral college system
    • each states votes for the President and Vice President separately
    • avoids possibility of President and Vice President belonging to opposite parties
  13. Amendment 13
    outlaws slavery
  14. Amendment 14
    defines a US citizen to include African Americans, guarantees right to due process of law
  15. Amendment 15
    the right to vote cannot be denied based on race, color or previous servitude
  16. Amendment 16
    establishes income tax
  17. Amendment 17
    • each state elects 2 senators with 1 vote each
    • writs of election are issued when vacancies open up
  18. Amendment 18
    establishes Prohibition
  19. Amendment 19
    prohibits voting discrimination based on sex
  20. Amendment 20
    • establishes date when the President/Vice President's term ends or begins
    • establishes date for Congress to assemble
  21. Amendment 21
    repeals Prohibition (18th amendment), prohibits importation of alcohol
  22. Amendment 22
    prevents President from serving more than 2 terms
  23. Amendment 23
    gives District of Columbia the ability to have electors
  24. Amendment 24
    outlaws poll taxes, other voting taxes
  25. Amendment 25
    if the Vice President becomes President, he may pick a new Vice President who will act as President if the President is unable to perform the duties of office
  26. Amendment 26
    prohibits denial of right to vote based on age (if person is of legal voting age, 18 or older)
  27. Amendment 27
    laws that change the compensation of Senators or Representatives do not take effect until the nest election
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