Coagulation / Hemostasis Lab Tests

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  1. TT
    Thrombin Time
    Measures the ability of thrombin to convert fibrinogen to fibrin and is useful in the evaluation of circulating antioagulants (pathologic inhibitors)
  2. TT is prolonged in what siutations
    • Hypo & Dys fibrinogenemia
    • Patients on heparin therapy
    • Circulating FDP's
    • Pathologic circulating inhibitors
  3. Mixing Studies
    Patient plasma is mixed with normal plasma in varying concentrations, then incubated for 2 hours.

    Corrected = Deficiency
  4. Reptilase Time
    • Similar to TT, except it uses reptilase instead of thrombin.
    • Not affected by heparin

    Prolonged with: A & Dys fibrinogenemia
  5. Russell's Viper Venom
    Test is based on the premise that LA/aPL activity is enhanced in the presence of reduced phospholipids. The reagent contains dilute RVV, CaCl, & phospholipids. The reagent is added to PPP. RVV activates FX resulting in a clot formation.

    If Las/aPLs are present, the patients dRVVT is longer than that of the normal control
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