Booze- Red Wine

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  1. Mark West Pinot Noir (G or B)
    • rich texture, long finish, low tannins 
    • aroma: black cherry, cardamon
    • flavor: medium bodied, fruity
  2. Meiomo Pinot Noir (G or B)
  3. King Estate Pinot Noir (B)
    (Willamette Valley)
    • soft tannins, lingering fruit, medium-long finish 
    • aroma: toast, oak, black cherry, leather, grapefruit
    • flavor: rasberry, eucalyptus, tabacco leaf, cherry, citrus
  4. J Lohr Merlot (G or B)
    (Paso Robles)
    • soft tannins
    • aroma: ripe fruit, black cherry, pomegranate 
    • flavor: fruity with notes of chocolate and coconut
  5. Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon (G or B)
    (Paso Robles)
    • firm supple tannins
    • aroma: black cherry, plum, violets, allspice 
    • flavor: fruit driven
  6. Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon (G or B)
    • silky tannins, long finish 
    • aroma: plum, anise, cherry, tabacco 
    • flavor: plum, cherry, notes of vanilla and mocha
  7. Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon (B)
    • sweet tannins 
    • aroma: plum, cherry, chocolate, cassis
    • flavor: concentrated red fruit
  8. North by Northwest Cabernet Sauvignon (B)
    (Columbia Valley)
    • full bodied, thick tannins, long finish
    • aroma: cherry, vanilla, tabacco
    • flavor: cherry, dark chocolate, blackberry
  9. Silver Oak Cabernet (B)
  10. Silver Oak Cabernet (B)
    (Alexander Valley)
  11. Cline Zinfandel (G or B)
  12. St Francis OV Zinfandel (B)
  13. Lamole Chianti Classico (B)
  14. Dona Paula Malbec (G or B)
  15. Trivento 'Amado Sur' Malbec (G or B)
    (Mendoza, Argentina)
    • velevety tannins, long finish 
    • aroma: strawberries, red cherries, clove, vanilla
    • flavor: red berry
  16. Cryptic Red Blend (G or B)
    • 44% zinfandel, 24% petite syrah, 23% cabernet sauvignon 
    • aroma:toasted hazelnuts, vanilla, mocha
    • flavor: raspberry, blackberry, ripe fruit
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