Preventive DHE 112 quiz#6 chapter #4

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  1. Who is the sole NIH doctor?
    Dr. H. Trendley Dean
  2. What is the effect on dental decay if water fluoridation would be eliminated?
    • dental caries rates would increase
    • significant loss of the benefits of dental caries prevention
  3. What are the two safety drinking water act enactments from 1986? What are they defined as?
    • The Safe Drinking Water Act enacted by Congress in 1986 established primary and secondary standards for natural fluoride levels in public drinking water in the US. 
    • Primary standard; 4.0 ppm F protect public against health effects
    • secondary standard; 2.0 ppm F protect children from moderate/severe enamel fluorosis
  4. There are tolerable uptake levels. weight/age based. For a 7kg-9kg for the first 6 months of life whats is recommended?
    • 0.7mg/day first 6 months
    • 0.9mg/day second 6 months
  5. What is the halo effect?
    • Diffusion; the extension of benefits of community water fluoridation to residents of fluoride-deficient communities. 
    • -consumption of commercial foods and beverages processed in a fluoridated community and transported to fluoride-deficient communities
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