that's english modulo 7 unit 1

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  1. el mas largo
    The Mississippi River is the longest in the world.
  2. uno de los mejores lugares
    The United States of America is one of the best places to visit.
  3. pasar las vacaciones
    pasar el dia
    pasar el tiempo
    Last year, over 62 million people decided to spend their vacation

    I'm going to spend the day with my family.

    • I love spending time with my family.

  4. mas visitado después de
    the USA  is the second most visited country in the world after France.
  5. hay mucho que ver
    there is so much to see.
  6. es mas parecido a ... que
    the USA is more similar to a continent than a country.
  7. el paisaje es muy diferente
    The landscape differs greatly across the 50 states:ˈdɪfər]
  8. los picos nevados de
    the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains /piːk/
  9. áridos desiertos
    arid deserts in the south-west
  10. zonas virgenes
    dense green wilderness areas in the north-east /ˈwɪldənɪs/ la ɪ se pronuncia e
  11. tan variado como
    In a country as varied as this
  12. caracteristicas geográficas
    the most iconic geographical features
  13. el rio nace
    he fourth longest river in the world, it rises in the north of the USA and flows over 2,500 miles until it reaches the Gulf of Mexico
  14. orilla
    Many important cities are located on its banks, including magical New Orleans,

    We took our lunch and sat down on the bank of the river.
  15. paisaje costero
    the coastal landscape  /ˈkəʊstəl/

    The coastal landscape is occasionally interrupted by elegant coastal towns
  16. ciudades costeras
    coastal towns
  17. crecer, criarse
    • grow up
    • grew up

    i grew up on the coast, in a coastal town called La Garita.
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