DHE 116 Lecture 8-9 11/6 quiz

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  1. Meticulous” diagnostic image get the most information to :
    –Periodontal status
  2. How do you document bone loss?
    physiological (normal) base line level “Horizontal” Bone loss is measured to CEJ
  3. Amount of bone loss is estimated as the:
    difference b/w the physiologic bone level and the height of the remaining bone.
  4. radiographs allow for the evaluation of:
    crestal bone irregularities and interdental septa changes(alveolar bone b/w teeth) and document amount of bone remaining rather than the amount lost
  5. patterns of bone loss used in radiographs?
    horizontal and vertical
  6. Horizontal bone loss:
    • bone height loss in which both buccal and lingual bony plates, intervening interdental bone, resorb simultaneously and at the same rate. 
    • occurs along a plane which is said to be parallel to an imaginary line connecting the cementoenamel juntions (CEJs) of adjacent teeth
    • Image Upload 1
  7. vertical bone loss:
    • uneven manner where the resorption of bone b/w teeth sharing an interdental septum creates angular defects in the crestal bone along the adjacent teeth. Buccal and lingual plates of bone resorb at different rates.
    • Image Upload 2
  8. Localized bone loss:
    • pattern of bone loss that is confined to less than 30 percent of all teeth 
    • isolated areas
  9. general bone loss:
    more descriptive of the condition
  10. Bone loss severity:
    • –Slight
    • –Moderate
    • –Advanced
  11. Furcation involvement:
    • bone loss b/w the roots of multirooted teeth
    • Radiolucent
    • Image Upload 3
  12. contributing factors for furcation:
    • amalgam overhangs
    • poorly contoured crown margins
    • calculus deposits
    • Image Upload 4
  13. Triangulation:
    • Widening of the periodontal ligament (PDL)space indicative of occlusal trauma
    • Radiolucent angular gap
    • OT = does not cause disease but hinders body response to disease
    • Image Upload 5
  14. Tooth root-to-crown ratio
    • and adj teeth assist in evaluation, prognosis and treatment
    • Dilacerated longer than normal root length, even with bone loss, improves the prognosis for the canine
    • Image Upload 6
  15. Limitations of Radiographic Analysis
    • 2-dimensional imaging
    • No changes soft tissue image
    • Can not image treated and untreated disease –Is disease absent or preset?
    • Clinically destruction will be more advanced(cannot detect early signs)
  16. Vertical BWX
    most useful for examination of the periodontium
  17. vertical angulation
    • Goal: Accurate recording of crestal bone
    • Incorrect angle can lead to misdiagnosis of periodontal disease
  18. Image Upload 7
    Image Upload 8
  19. Clinically Healthy: Case Type 0 –
    • No CAL
    • Image Upload 9Image Upload 10Image Upload 11Image Upload 12
  20. Early/Chronic Gingivitis: Case Type I
    • – Lamina Dura unbroken; opaque level 1.5-2mm below and parallel to CEJ
    • No CAL, <4mm Anterior=pointed/ Posterior=flat smooth
    • Image Upload 13Image Upload 14Image Upload 15
  21. Established Gingivitis / Early Periodontitis: Case Type II
    • - alveolar crest blunted/loss of density w/ slight radiolucent, triangulation present/30%
    • Anterior=blunted/ Posterior=fuzzy, cupping
    • Slight CAL 1-2mm / BOP / <5mm / No furca
    • Image Upload 16Image Upload 17Image Upload 18
  22. Moderate Chronic or Aggressive Periodontitis : Case Type III
    • – level >2mm below CEJ indicating 30-50% bone loss
    • Anterior & Posterior= Mod CAL = 3-4mm /BOP/
    • Vert. and/or Horz. bone loss <6mm / Early Furca
    • Image Upload 19Image Upload 20Image Upload 21
  23. Advanged Chronic  or Aggressive Periodontitis: Case Type IV
    • – bone loss >50%
    • Anterior & Posterior= drifting / dispositioning
    • Severe CAL >5mm / BOP / Adv. Furca
    • Image Upload 22Image Upload 23Image Upload 24
  24. Refractory Periodontitis: Case Type V
    • BOP / >7mm / Adv. Furca
    • Pt +30 yrs old
    • Image Upload 25Image Upload 26
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