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  1. who established a large settlement in Texas
    Stephen Austin
  2. in what year was the Texas War for independence fought
  3. General who tried to crush the rebellion in Texas
    General Santa Anna
  4. who fought and died in the Alamo
    Davy Crockett
  5. which battle did Houston lead and win
    Battle of San Jacinto
  6. first president of the "Lone Star Republic"
    Sam Houston
  7. an expression of a people's sill by direct vote
  8. who was appointed by the Methodists to establish a mission in the Oregon Territory
    Jason Lee
  9. Presbyterian medical missionary that lead the "Great Migration"
    Dr. Marcus Whitman
  10. one of the first white women to journey west of the Rockies
    Narcissa Whitman
  11. what is the trail that lead to the Pacific Northwest
    Oregon Trail
  12. who won the election of 1844
    slogan: "Fifty-four forty or fight"
    James K. Polk
  13. Texas was Annexed to the U.S.
  14. boundary between U.S. and Canada from lake of the woods and to the Pacific Ocean.
    49th parallel
  15. who discovered the South Pass
    Jedediah Smith
  16. who was nicknamed "Old Ruff and Ready"
    Zachary Taylor
  17. what battle did Zackary Taylor win against overwhelming odds
    Battle of Buena Vista
  18. Mexican War
  19. who discovered gold in California
    John Sutter
  20. in what year did the California gold rush take place
  21. what were the gold seekers called
  22. Methodist preacher that followed and preached at the gold rush
    William Taylor
  23. United States minister to Mexico in 1853
    James Gadsden
  24. What country was one of the nations that laid claim to  the Oregon territory
  25. what style wagon was a primary form of transportation on the Oregon Trail
    Conestoga wagon
  26. what treaty ended the Mexican War
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
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