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  1. Determining the information and communications needs of the stakeholders
    Planning communications management
  2. Creating, distributing, storing, retrieving, and disposing of project communications based on the communications management plan
    Managing communications
  3. Monitoring and controlling project communications to ensure that stakeholder communication needs are met
    Controlling communications
  4. plan, a document that guides project communications
    communications management
  5. Two or more people interact to exchange information via meetings, phone calls, or video conferencing. Most effective way to ensure common understanding
    Interactive communication:
  6. }Information is sent or pushed to recipients without their request via reports, e-mails, faxes, voice mails, and other means. Ensures that the information is distributed, but does not ensure that it was received or understood
    Push communication
  7. Information is sent to recipients at their request via Web sites, bulletin boards, e-learning, knowledge repositories like blogs, and other means
    Pull communication
  8. describe where the project stands at a specific point in time
    Status reports
  9. describe what the project team has accomplished during a certain period of time
    Progress reports
  10. predict future project status and progress based on past information and trends
  11. allows users to create custom Web sites to access documents and applications stored on shared devices
    SharePoint portal
  12. allow users to create, share, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online
    Google Docs
  13. is a Web site designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify Web page content
  14. The project manager and project team members should each prepare a
    lessons-learned report
  15. are a complete set of organized project records that provide an accurate history of the project
    Project archives

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MIS 361 Set 3 2 of 2
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MIS 361 Set 3 2 of 2
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