C++ Advanced Terms and concepts

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  1. Containers Library (def'n)
    Generic collection of class templates and algorithms that allow programmers to easily implement common data structures like queues, lists and stacks.
  2. The classes of containers (list)
    • sequence containers
    • associative containers
    • unordered associative containers
  3. sequence containers (def'n)
    These containers implement data structures which can be accessed sequentially.
  4. The types of sequence containers (list them)
    • array(C++11) static contiguous array
    • vector dynamic contiguous array
    • deque double-ended queue
    • forward_list(C++11) singly-linked list
    • list doubly-linked list
  5. Associative containers (list them)
    • set: collection of unique keys, sorted by keys
    • map: collection of key-value pairs, sorted by keys, keys are unique
    • multiset collection of keys, sorted by keys
    • multimap collection of key-value pairs, sorted by keys
  6. Associative containers(def'n)
    These containers implement sorted data structures that can be quickly searched (O(log n) complexity).
  7. Unordered associative containers (def'n)
    These ontainers implement unsorted (hashed) data structures that can be quickly searched (O(1) amortized, O(n) worst-case complexity).
  8. Unordered Associatie containers; (def'n)
    • unordered_set(C++11)collection of unique keys, hashed by keys
    • unordered_map(C++11) collection of key-value pairs, hashed by keys, keys are
    • uniqueunordered_multiset(C++11)collection of keys, hashed by keys
    • unordered_multimap (C++11)collection of key-value pairs, hashed by keys
  9. Order of performance for Big-O Notation from worst...to best.
    • 1. O(n!) terrible
    • 2. O(2n) terrible
    • 3. O(n2) terrible
    • 4. O(n log n) bad
    • 5. O(nfair
    • 6. O(log n), O(1) excellent
  10. Virtual Destructor  (def'n)
    If deleting derived class object using a pointer to a base class  results in undefined behavior....to correct this situation, the base class should be defined with one of these.
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