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  1. Arsenic Toxicity
    • Aldrich Mees Lines
    • Rain drop Pigment/ Red velvety appearence
    • Subendocardial Haemorrhage
    • Excessive Pigmentation
    • Neuritis
    • Iron Oxide + BAL: Treatment
    • Cholera Mimic
    • Arsenic can cause Basal Call Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    • Aresenic can cause pulmonary hypertension
  2. Dhatura Poisoning
    • Dilatation of Pupil
    • Dryness of Mouth
    • Difficulty in Talking
    • Dysphagia
    • Dilatation of Cutaneous Blood Vessels
    • Dry, hot skin
    • Drunken Gait
    • Delirium
    • Drowsiness
  3. Precipitin Test
    Test to determine whether the blood is obtained from human being/other animal
  4. Postmortem Caloricity
    • Sunstroke, Pontine Haemorrhgae
    • Tetanus, Strychine Poisoning
    • Acute Bacterial or viral infection(Septicemia)
    • Intense Asphyxial Comditions
  5. Cephalic Index
    • Negros, Indian: 70-75
    • Europeans: 75-80
    • Mongols: 80-85
  6. Portmortem Lividity
    • Aniline: Deep Blue
    • Cyanide: Pink
  7. Antidote for opoid(heroin)
  8. Treatment for Methanol Poisoning
    • Toxic effects of tetanus is due to formaldehyde and formic acid
    • Antidote: Ethanol or Fomepizole therapy
  9. Blackening, Burning and Tattooning Indicate
    Close Shot Injury
  10. Hyoid Bone Fracture seen in
  11. Neurotoxic
  12. Vasculotoxic
  13. Myotoxic
  14. Cardiac Poison
    Aconite, Oleander, Nicotine (NOT OPIUM)
  15. Best method for determination of Alcohol for medicolegal purpose
    Gas Liguid Chromotography
  16. Mummification
    Dessication/Dehydration of Tissue
  17. Legal Responsibility of Insane person
    • Curren Rule
    • Durham Rule
    • McNaughten Rule
  18. Post Mortem Lividity develop in
    • Drowning in well water
    • Drowning in Submersion
    • Drowning in chlorinated swimming pool
  19. In Firearm Injury, Entry wound blackening is due to
    Carbon Particle in Smoke
  20. Gastric Lavage C/I in
    • Corrosive Poisoning except Carbolic Acid
    • Kerosene/Volatile Poisoning
  21. Paraffin Test (Dermal Nitrate Test)
    Determine if a suspected person has discharge a fire arm
  22. Uric Acid is kept in
  23. Mac Ewen Sign
    Stage of Narcosis in Acute Alcohol Intoxication. Initially pupil dilate following stimulation, later return to normal
  24. Linsedd Plant which cattle eat contain
    Hydrocyanic Acid
  25. Seminal Stain Detection
    • Acid Phosphatase test
    • Barberia test
    • Florence test
    • Creatinine Phosphatase Test
    • Elisa Test
  26. To Detect Blood Stain
    • Benzidine Test
    • Phenopthalein test
    • Spectroscopic test
    • Takayama Hemochromogen Crystal Test
    • Teichmann Hemin Crystal test
  27. Lead
    • Anemia
    • Basophilic Stippling
    • Constipation, Colic
    • Dyspepsia
    • Encephalopathy
  28. Ponds / Indented Fracture seen in
  29. Putrefaction delayed in
    • Carbolic Acid
    • Zn Chloride
    • Strychine (Nux Vomica)
    • Heavy Metal; Arsenic
  30. Suspended Animation
    Condition in which vital function of the body are at such a low pitch
  31. Paultaff Haemorrhage
    Sub Pleural Haemorrhage in Drowning
  32. BAL/ Dimercaprol used in
    Arsenic, Mercury, Gold, Bismuth
  33. Karotyping of the foetus may be done from
    • Lymphocyte
    • Amniocyte
    • Fibroblast
  34. Nulliparous Cervix and External OS
    • Cervix: Conical
    • Ext Os: Rounded/ Circular
  35. Multiparous
    • Cervix: Cylindrical
    • External: Transverse
  36. Sodium Flouride useful in preservation of
  37. Hemodialysis Poison not useful (@KODM)
    • Digitalis
    • Kerosene
    • Benzodiazepine
    • Organophosphaorous
  38. Grevious Injury is defined as
    • Which is extensive and Serious
    • Which doesnot heal Rapidly
    • which cause permanent deformation or disfiguration
  39. Most Common organ to be injured in primary blast Injury
  40. Heat Rupture is characterized by
    irregular margin
  41. Privileged Communication
    Statement communicated by a dcotor to the concered authority d/t his duty ti protect the interest of community ir state
  42. Caper Dictum
    Rate of putrefaction of dead body and hepls in estimation of time since death
  43. Stellate/Star Wound result from
    Contact Shot
  44. Traumatic Asphyxia
    asphyxia caused by respiratory arred/t fixation of chest so that normal movements of chest are prevents
  45. Detection of Vaginal cells from penis of accused
    Lugols Iodine
  46. Coprobasal Index
    Index for testing sexual divergence based on difference between male and female sacrum
  47. Chronic Mercury Poisoning triad
    • 1. Excessive Salivation and Gingivitus
    • 2. Tremor
    • 3. Neuropsychiatric Changes
    • Other features Acrodynia (Pinkish extremities), affect PCT
    • May Be associated wwith Diphtheric Colitis
  48. Truth Serum Drugs
    • Scopolomine
    • Sodium Pentathal
    • Sodium Amytal
    • Sodium Seconal
  49. Tracer Bullet
    Special Type of Bullet that leaves a visible mark or trace
  50. Sever fatty Liver is Characterstic of
    Phosphorous Poisoning
  51. Lightening flash can cause injury by
    • Direct effect of electric current
    • Super heated air
    • Expanded and repelled air
  52. Primary Impact Injury
    Direct Impact of offending Vehicle, Most commonly involve legs
  53. Secondary Impact Injuries
    Part of body facing the vehicle
  54. Secondary Injuries
    Part of body opposite to primary impact
  55. Asphyxial Deaths
    • Hanging
    • Strangulation (Ligature, Manual)
    • Suffocation
    • Drowning
  56. Suffocation Deaths
    • Smoothering
    • Gagging
    • Choking
    • Overlying
    • Burking
  57. False Negative Hydrostatic Test
    • Disease: Acute Edema, Pneumonia, Congenital Syphillis
    • Atelectasis
  58. Hanging Vs Strangluation
    • Suspension of Body
    • Ligature Mark
    • Abrasion and Ecchymosis
    • Bruising of neck muscle
    • Hyoid bone frecture
    • Thyroid bone fracture
    • Cricoid Fracture
  59. Spaulding Sign
    • Indicative of death of foetue and its consquent maceration in utero
    • Radiological Sign seen in xray d/t skull bones overriding each other
  60. Organophospahtes
    • Alkyl Phospahtes ( Malathion)
    • Aryl Phosphate (Parathion, Diazion)

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