Revenue Chapter 10 Review Quiz

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  1. What 3 fundamental characteristics do value based purchasing (VBP) systems and pay for performance (P4P) systems share?
    Measurement, transparency & accountability
  2. Why did VBP/P4P systems emerge?
    They are 2 solutions to combat lack of quality & safety along with the cost of US healthcare
  3. What is attribution & by what other term is this process known?
    It's the assignment of cost of a patient's care to a specific provider. It is also known as assignment
  4. T or F The very first P4P emerged in the early 1990s.
    False 1070s
  5. T or F The CMS has attempted to slow the trend towards VBP/P4P systems because its experts believe the linkage of quality & rewards jeopardizes the care of patients.
  6. List 3 other countries that have implemented VBP/P4P systems in their healthcare delivery systems.
    Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom & Germany
  7. T or F Withholding compensation would be considered a penalty based model of VBP/P4P.
  8. What piece of legislation mandated that CMS developed a VBP program?
    DRA--Deficient Reduction Act
  9. Discuss the difference between"Pay for Reporting" & "Pay for Value".
    "Pay for Reporting" is a program that allows participants to receive full payment for quality reporting by reporting data in a timely manner & in the proper format. "Pay for Value" is a program where payment incentives and penalties are applied to the value of care.
  10. What type of VBP program is the Hospital Acquired Conditions Reduction Program?
    Penalty based, payment based on the % of hospital acquired conditions, the higher the% the lower the payment.
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