Seminar Quiz 2

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  1. T or F Unstructured data are not only free text or string data, but they also have no organization and are not compatible.
  2. This initiative seeks to develop models and standards for clinical observations suchbas blood pressure in order to continue the evolution of secondary data use.
    Clinical Information Modeling Initiative
  3. T or F Structural data, because they are binary and machine readable, are very easy to use for secondary purposes.
  4. T or F Natural language processing has many different uses in healthcare, including easing clinician data entry and undergirding computer assisted coding (CAC).
  5. This group is responsible for recommending which healthcare code sets should be adopted for EHR Meaningful Use standards.
    HIT Standards Committee
  6. This type of healthcare code set is a set of terms representing a system of concepts, usually around the healthcare domain.
    clinical terminology
  7. Unstructured data may be preferred over structured data because
    it provides greater detail
  8. The uses of Natural Language Processing in healthcare include all of the following except
    Eliminating the need for clinicians to enter data
  9. T or F In spite of the promulgation of the healthcare information standards bid data will still require normalization and transformation.
  10. The single most important use of secondary data is
    to create the criteria for determining when and for what patients an alert or guideline should be triggered in the clinical decision support
  11. This type of healthcare code is used for the collection and reporting of public health data, reimbursement and quality measures.
    Classification system
  12. The use if data for purposes such as reimbursement and quality improvement is known as
    secondary data use
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