Seminar Quiz 7

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  1. Jane is an inpatient coder within the HIM department. The HIM coding area has just implemented computer assisted coding an previously, Jane worked in a facility that had one in place. Jane's boss is relying on Jane to assist her co-workers with transitioning to the new coding product. Jane has a very positive outlook and she encourages her fellow co-workers throughout the day. Jane's behavior is typical of a
  2. _____ is one of the first identified forms of management because it is a discipline that can be studied and tested within organizations and evolved with the advent of the US's industrial revolution.
    scientific management
  3. As the coding manager, Mary has the responsibility of reassuring that her coding team meets bill drop deadlines and for reporting her team's weekly productivity statistics to the HIM director. Mary has been given _____ to ensure that her team meets its productivity goals.
    legitimate authority
  4. Indicate the first researcher(s) to study tasks performed by physicians in operating rooms and to help identify ways to decrease the fatigue that physicians experience while performing surgical operations.
    Frank and Lillian Gilbreath
  5. This management theorist is noted for explaining concepts of management that form the basis if modern management. This theorist's concept is called
    Fayol's 14 principals of management
  6. _____ management theory considers individual human needs and values as part of the equation for managing within an organization.
  7. Ron, the chief operating officer of his healthcare organization, is looking at methods utilized to gain efficiencies and streamline operations within an organization. Ron should select which operation management theories listed below to deploy within his organization?
    six sigma
  8. Sharon was recently hired as a health information manager at a large healthcare corporation. She has many years of management experience but is finding the leadership style she utilized in her previous positions does not match the new healthcare organization's leadership model. Sharon needs to reevaluate her leadership style and adjust it to the new workplace. This is called
    contingency approach to leadership
  9. Karen is a new graduate who has been hired to help a large physician practice implement an electronic health record. She needs to transform the primarily paper based environment to an electronic environment. Karen needs to utilize transformational leadership skills in order for this to happen. All items listed below are transformational leadership skills except for
    The leader performs through structure and process
  10. Mark, the chief operating officer for a large physician practice, exhibits a style of leadership built on a foundation of ethics as noted by the strong policies and procedures that he has developed relating to ethical behaviors in healthcare. The leadership style is
    value based leadership
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