English Vocabulary 3

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  1. Aegis
    (n) Protection, support
  2. Apprise
    (v) to give notice to; inform
  3. Bibulous (adj)
    (adj) fond of or adicted to drinking

  4. claque
    (n) a group of persons hired to applaude an act or performer
  5. deracinate
    (v) uproot; to pull up by the root
  6. eleemosynary
    (adj) pertaining to alms, charity, or charitable donation
  7. indigenous
    (adj)- originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country
  8. lachrymose
    (adj) suggestive of or tending to cause tears; tearful
  9. lexicon
    (n) the vocabulary of a particular language
  10. melee
    (n) hand-to-hand fight or stuggle among several people
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