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  1. 1 Paralegal association formed in 1974
    National Federation of Paralegal Associations
  2. 1 Used interchangeably with CLA
    Certified Paralegal
  3. 1 Defines rights and duties of individuals
    Substantive law
  4. 1 Formal recognition by private group or agency
  5. 1 National organization of paralegal educators
    American Association for Paralegal Education (AAofPE)
  6. 1 Performs delegated legal work
  7. 1 Voluntary national association of attorneys
    American Bar Association
  8. 1 Term used interchangeably with paralegal
    Legal Assistant
  9. 1 Recognition of competency in legal specialty
    Advanced Paralegal Certification (APC)
  10. Certified by NFPA
    Registered Paralegal (RP)
  11. Certified by NALA
    Certified Legal Assistant (CLAS)
  12. Paralegal program that meets ABA standards
    ABA - Approved program
  13. 2 Wages paid to hourly employees for extra work
    overtime wages
  14. 2 Title to property held by one for another's benefit
  15. 2 Civil wrong
  16. 2 Lawsuit brought against this party
  17. 2 Making personal connections
  18. 2 Proving validity of a will
  19. 2 Newsletter providing information to certain professions
    Trade journal
  20. 2 Agreement enforceable in court
  21. 2 Law relating to child support and divorce
    Family Law
  22. 2 Party initiating lawsuit
  23. 2 Law governing and defining crimes
    Criminal Law
  24. 2 End-of-the-year payment to a salaried employee
  25. 3 Reference file of firm's commonly used legal documents
    Forms File
  26. 3 Oversees paralegal professional development
    Paralegal manager
  27. 3 Association of two or more persons as business co-owners
  28. 3 One who purchases corporate stock
  29. 3 Fee paid for a specified legal service
    Fixed fee
  30. 3 Billing more than one client for the same billable time period
    Double billing
  31. 3 Provide clerical, secretarial support
    Support personnel
  32. 3 Fee of specified percentage of the amount recovered by the plaintiff
    Contingency fee
  33. 3 Avoids personal liability for malpractice of other partners
    Limited liability partnership
  34. 3 Person who operates a business jointly
  35. 3 Partner in a law firm who makes firm policy decisions
    Managing partner
  36. 3 Also called an escrow account
    Trust account
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