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  1. 1. Which of the following is the biggest consumer of health care?A) HospitalB) BusinessesC) Federal governmentD) Private insurance companies
  2. 2. Which of the following was most significant in influencing competition in health care costs?A) Medicare and MedicaidB) Diagnosis-related groupsC) Prospective payment systemD) Managed care organizations
  3. 3. Which of the following statements is true about evidence-based practice? (Select all that apply.) Evidence-based practice:A) Is based only on the results of researchB) Assists nurses in meeting standards of practiceC) Helps nurses solve dilemmas in the clinical settingD) Requires nurses to review and critique research and practice findings
  4. 4. The nurse found that using tympanic thermometers was quick, easy, and yielded temperatures as reliable as those obtained using oral thermometers. This finding represents:A) Primary careB) Critical thinkinhC) Competency testingD) Evidence-based practice
  5. 5. A client is receiving health care from a health care provider who is a salaried employee. Which model is being followed by the managed care organization (MCO) to which the client belongs? (Select all that apply.)A) Staff modelB) Group modelC) Network modelD) Independent practice association
  6. 6. The purpose of a utilization review committee is to:A) Review quality, quantity, and cost of careB) Review the utilization of the payment mechanismC) Review reimbursement fees and appropriation of fundsD) Review admissions, diagnostic tests, and treatments ordered by physicians
  7. 7. The client's health insurance changed, and instead of having a limited number of physicians from whom to choose, the client is voluntarily enrolled in a plan in which medical care is provided by a special group of caregivers. This arrangement is known as:A) MedicareB) Private insuranceC) Managed care organization (MCO)D) Preferred provider organization (PPO)
  8. 8. Recent research provided evidence that a professional nursing staff affects health care financing. These results indicated that the positive benefit of a professional nursing staff is:A) Decreased length of stayB) Decreased rate of readmissionC) Increased rate of nosocomial infectionsD) Decreased need to hire ancillary personnel
  9. 9. The nurse is giving discharge instructions to a client with newly diagnosed diabetes. The nurse discusses with the client what the dietary intake should be. This is an example of which health care service?A) Tertiary careB) Restorative careC) Health promotionD) Illness prevention
  10. 10. A nurse volunteers to take blood pressure measurements after church services. This is an example of which level of health care service?A) Secondary careB) Restorative careC) Health promotionD) Illness prevention
  11. 11. The nurse completes the standard orders on a client's first day postoperatively. The instrument that is used to coordinate the client's care is:A) A Medicare planB) A discharge planC) A critical pathwayD) Standard nursing care
  12. 12. The multidisciplinary care model used to move clients efficiently from admission to discharge is known as:A) Team nursingB) Nursing processC) Case managementD) Interdisciplinary care
  13. 13. A client discharged after suffering a stroke is transferred from a tertiary care facility to another facility for additional care to help the client recover and continue to regain function. This type of care facility is known as:A) Home careB) Assisted careC) Extended careD) Restorative care
  14. 14. Which of the following is an example of respite care?A) Day careB) Home careC) Nursing homeD) Nurse extender
  15. 15. Which task is it not appropriate for a professional nurse to delegate to assistive personnel?A) Ambulate a clientB) Complete a bed bathC) Obtain a sterile urine specimenD) Complete the intake and output (I&O) record
  16. 16. A nurse is working in an acute care hospital that uses a case management model. About which of the following activities should the nurse communicate with the case manager? (Select all that apply.)A) Management of a client transfer to the radiology departmentB) Coordination of a client transfer to the step-down rehabilitation unitC) Follow-up after a client's discharge to evaluate whether needs have been metD) Permission for a family to bring in special food for a client
  17. 17. A nurse is planning a client's discharge from a subacute care unit to home. Education should be provided on which of the following topics? (Select all that apply.)A) Medication administrationB) Stress reduction techniques with blood pressure assessmentC) Circumstances in which the client should call the health care providerD) Hand-washing hygiene when assisting with transfer to the bathroom
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  18. 18. Which of the following clients should be cared for in an extended care facility with skilled nursing? (Select all that apply.)A) Client who had a stroke, can talk, and has lost bowel and bladder controlB) Severely brain injured client on a ventilator who is receiving intravenous medicationsC) Client with Alzheimer's disease who is abusive, combative, and a threat to self and othersD) Young child who recently had a spinal cord injury and is living with quadriplegia and needs to learn a new way of life

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