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  1. yu3 More; in excess of
  2. 背影
    bei4ying3 rea view. figure seen from behind
  3. 差使
    chai1shi: official post/job
  4. 交卸
    jiao1xie4 to lose ones job
  5. 祸不单行
    huo4bu4dan1xing2 When it rains it pours
  6. 奔丧
    ben1sang1 to take care of funeral business
  7. 狼藉
    lang3ji3 in a mess scattered about
  8. 不禁
    bu4jin1 can't help; can't refrain from
  9. 簌簌的
    su4su4de streeming down of tears
  10. 如此
    ru3ci2 in this way, so
  11. 天无绝人之路
    • heaven never bars ones way, never give up
    • tian1wu2jue2ren2zhi1lu4
  12. 变卖
    bian4mai4 sell off (one's property)
  13. 典质
    dian3zhi4 to pawn
  14. 亏空
    • in debt
    • kui1kong1
  15. 丧事
    sang1shi4 funeral arrangements
  16. 光镜
    guang1jing3 circumstances conditions
  17. 惨淡
    can3dan4 gloomy, dismal
  18. 赋闲
    fu4xian2 to stay idle, to be unoccupied
  19. 谋事
    mou2shi4 to look for a job, to plan matters
  20. 便
    bian4 then
  21. 游逛
    you3guang4 to go sightseeing to spend ones leisure time wandering aroud
  22. 勾留
    gou1liu2 to stay stop over
  23. 渡江
    du4jiang1 to cross a river
  24. ben3 originally
  25. 熟识
    shu2shi to be well accquanted with, to know well
  26. 茶房
    cha2fang2 waiter, porter
  27. 嘱咐
    zhu3fu4 to tell, to exhort
  28. extremely shen4
  29. 仔细
    zi3xi4 careful, cautious
  30. 终于
    zhong1yu2 at last, eventually
  31. 妥贴
    tuo3tie1 properly satisfactorily
  32. po1 or po3 rather, considerably
  33. 踌躇
    • to hesitate
    • chou2chu2
  34. 要紧
    yao4 jin3 important urgent
  35. quan4 to advise, urge, persaude
  36. 照看
    zhao4kan4 to look after, to attend to
  37. 脚夫
    jiao3fu1 porter, bearer
  38. 过分
    guo4fen4 excessive, overly
  39. 插嘴
    cha1zui3 to interrupt
  40. jian3 to choose to pick
  41. pu1 to spread
  42. zhu3 to urge
  43. 警醒
    jing3xing3 to be alert
  44. 受凉
    shou4liang2 catch cold
  45. 嘱托
    zhu3tuo1 to entrust to ask
  46. 暗笑
    an4xiao4 lauge in one's sleeve, snicker, snigger
  47. 照应
    zhao4ying to look after, to attend to
  48. yu1 impractical and foolish
  49. tuo1 to entrust
  50. 简直是
    jian3zhi2shi4 simply, at all, practically
  51. bai2 in vain
  52. 料理
    liao4li3 to ahndle, to arrange
  53. wang4 towards, to gaze, to look at
  54. ci3 this these
  55. 月台
    yue4tai2 railway platform
  56. 栅栏
    zha4lan2 fence
  57. 顾客
    gu4ke4 customer, client
  58. 穿过
    chuang1guo4 to pass through
  59. 铁道
    tie3dao4 tail track
  60. pa2 to climb
  61. 自然
    zi4ran2 naturally
  62. 费事
    fei4shi4 troublesome
  63. 马褂
    ma3gua4 buttoned madarin jacket of the Qing dynasty
  64. qing1 green or blue; black
  65. bu4 cloth
  66. 棉袍
    mian2pao2 gown padded with cotton
  67. 蹒跚
    pan2shan1 stagger, stumble
  68. 探身
    tan4shen1 to lean forward
  69. shang4 still yet
  70. pan1 to climb
  71. suo1 to contract, to shrink, to pull back
  72. qing1 to lean
  73. 显出
    xian3chu1 to express to show
  74. 努力
    nu3li4 to strive to try hard
  75. 试干
    shi4gan1 to wipe dry
  76. 朱红
    zhu1hong2 vermilion, bright red
  77. 散放
    san3fang4 to scatter
  78. chan1 to assist by the arm, support
  79. 一股脑
    yi4gu3naor3 completely thoroughly
  80. pu1 to pat
  81. 轻松
    qing1song1 relaxed
  82. 似的
    shi4de seems as if; rather like
  83. 混入
    hun4ru4 to sneak into, to blend in
  84. 人从
    ren2cong2 crowd of people
  85. 东奔西走
    dong1ben1xi1zou3 to run this way and that, to travel a lot
  86. 少年
    shao4nian2 juvenile, yongster
  87. 谋生
    mou2sheng1 to earn a living
  88. 独力
    du2li4 all by oneself, no help from others
  89. 支持
    zhi1 chi2 to support
  90. 老境
    lao3jing4 old age
  91. 如此
    ru2ci3 in this way
  92. 颓唐
    tui2tang2 depressed
  93. 触目
    chu4mu4 to catch the eye to attract attention
  94. 伤怀
    shang1huai2 sick at heart, sentimental
  95. 请不能自已
    qing3bu4neng2zi4yi3 the emotion cannot stop by itself
  96. yu4 depressed, melancholy
  97. fa1 to show (ones feelings)
  98. 琐屑
    suo3xie4 trival matters, petty things
  99. chu4 to touch, to stir up one's emotions
  100. nu4 anger, fury
  101. 渐渐
    jian4jian4 gradually
  102. 往日
    wang3ri4 former days
  103. 忘却
    wang4que4 to forget
  104. 惦记
    dian4ji4 to keep thing of to be concerned about
  105. 平安
    ping2an1 safe and sound
  106. wei2 only
  107. 膀子
    bang3zi the upper arm
  108. 厉害
    li4hai difficult to deal with
  109. 举箸提笔
    ju3 zhu4 ti2 bi3 to lift or to hold up chopsticks and pen
  110. 诸多
    zhu1duo1 a lot of, a good deal
  111. 不便
    bu4bian4 inconvenient
  112. 大约
    da4yue1 approximately
  113. 大去
    da4qu4 to die
  114. 大去之期
    time to die
  115. yi3 classical final particle 了
  116. 晶莹
    jing1ying2 sparling and translucent
  117. yuan2 original, former
  118. zai3 to record in writing

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