Spanish 1

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  1. Sientence, por favor
    Sit down, please
  2. Pasen la tarea (los paples) al frente
    Pass the homework (the papers) to the front
  3. Miren la pizzarra
    Look at the board
  4. Cierren los libros
    Close your books
  5. Silencio, por favor
    Silence please
  6. Repitan despuces de mi
    Repeat after me
  7. Levantense, por favor.
    Stand Up, Please
  8. Saquen una hoja de papel
    Take out a sheet of paper
  9. Estamos en la pagina...
    We're on page...
  10. Abran sus libros en la pagina...
    Open your books to page...
  11. Suatencion, por favor
    Attention, please
  12. Levante la mano
    Raise your hand.
  13. Esta bien
    It's Okay
  14. De Nada
    You're Welcome
  15. Si significa (quire decir)
    Yes, it means
  16. No, No se
    No, I don't know
  17. Claro que si!
    Yes, of course!
  18. Se escribe...
    It's spelled...
  19. Se dice...
    You say...
  20. Si? Dime
    Yes? What is it?
  21. Perdon
    I'm sorry
  22. Gracias
    Thank You
  23. Sabes que significa (quiere decir)...?
    Do you know what...means?
  24. Mas despacio, por favor.
    More slowly, please.
  25. No entiendo. Puede repetir?
    I don't understand. Could you please repeat that?
  26. Come se escribe...?
    How do you spell...?
  27. Como se dice...?
    How do u say...?
  28. Tengo Una Pregunta.
    I have a question.
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