Urinary Elimination

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  1. Urgency
    feeling of need to void immediately
  2. Dysuria
    painful or difficult urination
  3. Frequency
    voiding at frequent intervals
  4. Hesitancy
    difficulty initiating urination
  5. Polyuria
    voiding large amounts of urine
  6. Oliguria
    diminished urinary output (usually 400mL/day)
  7. Nocturia
    voiding one or more times at night
  8. Dribbling
    leakage of urine despite voluntary control of urination
  9. Incontinence
    involuntary loss of urine
  10. Hematuria
    blood in the urine
  11. Retention
    Accumulation of urine in the bladder, with inability of bladder to empty fully
  12. Residual urine
    volume of urine remaining after voiding (>100ml)
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