Geometry Unit 4

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  1. Parallel
    Two lines on thr same plane that do not intersect
  2. Perpendicular
    Two lines that intersect at a right angle
  3. Skew
    Two lines that do not lie on the same plane
  4. Transversal
    A line that intersects at least two other lines
  5. Same side interior
    Two angles on the same side of a transversal between two papallel lines
  6. Same side exterior
    A pair of angles on the same side of a transversal outside two parallel lines
  7. Alternate interior
    Two angles between two parallel lines on opposite side of a transversal
  8. Alternate exterior
    Two angles outside two parallel lines on opposite sides of the transversal
  9. Corresponding Angles
    Occupy the same position on the parallel lines in relation to a transversal
  10. Converses
    Switching an if then staement
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Parallel lines and transversals
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