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    pharyngeal constrictor muscles (3)
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    Anterior jugular vein (or subclavian)
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    cricothyroid muscle
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    • 1. a) hyoid bone b)epiglottis c) NA d)NA
    • 2. a) thyrohyoid membrane b) NA c)NA d) Laryngopharynx
    • 3. a) thyroid cartilage b)vocal fold c) rima glotidis d) vestibular fold
    • 4. a) conus elasticus w/ mucosa b) NA c) recurrent laryngeal n. range d) trachea
    • 5. a) cricoid cartilage b) esophagus
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    semilunar hiatus
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    carotid sinus
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    cranial nerve 7
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    Common carotid artery
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    cricoid cartilage
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    find arytenoid
    • cricothyroid ligament
    • arytenoid: green pin on tiny cart behind thyroid cart. and sup articulating w/ crcoid cart.
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    external carotid artery
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    external jugular v.
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    external jugular vein
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    facial nerve
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    ethmoidal bulla
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    middle nasal concha
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    Ethmoid air cells
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    sphenoidal sinus
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    superior nasal concha
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    pharyngeal tonsils
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    torus tubiarus
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    foramen cecum of tongue
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    • 1. Superior orbital fissure: CN III, IV, V1, VI, superior ophthalmic vein
    • 2. foramen rotundum: V2
    • 3. foramen ovale: V3, Accessory meningeal artery, lesser petrosal nerve
    • 4. foramen spinosum: Middle meningeal artery and vein, meningeal branch of mand. n.
    • 5. Carotid Canal- internal carotid artery, internal carotid nerve plexus
    • 6. Internal Acoustic Meatus: VII, VIII, Labyrinthine artery
    • 7. Jugular Foramen- Inferior petrosal sinus, IX, X, XI, Sigmoid sinus, post. meningeal a.
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    genioglossus m.
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