Direct and Indirect Antiglobulin Testing 8.3

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  1. Blood banking techniques are concerned with what two antibodies found in serum.
    • IgG
    • IgM
  2. What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
    • Black
    • Bald
    • Not a bitch
  3. __________ antibodies are not capable of physically clumping a suspension of red blood cells.
  4. what type of antiglobulin recognizes one epitope?
    monoclonal antiglobulin
  5. what type of antiglobulin recognizes different epitopes?
  6. where are antigens found?
    on RBC membrane
  7. blood banking concerns itself with antigens found on what two cell membranes?
    • Red cell
    • White cell
  8. this is an antibody prepared in rabbits that is directed against human antibodies.
    Antihuman Globulin (AHG)
  9. what are two other names for antihuman globulin?
    • Coomb's antisera
    • Anit-human sera
  10. this is a series of proteins in circulation that when activated can cause disruption of bacterial and other cel membranes.
  11. term used to denote that red blood cells are coated with antibody or complement.
  12. this is inactivating an antibody by reacting it with an antigen against which it is directed.
  13. the process used to recover antibdies off of sensitized red blood cells.
  14. this is a substance that will enchance antigen-anitbody interactions.
  15. this poteniator reduces the ionic strength of a red cell suspension medium.
    Low Ionic Strength Solution (LISS)
  16. what potentiator increases the affinity of the antigen for its corresponding antibody.
    Low Ionic Strength Solution (LISS)
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