Periodic Table Trends

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  1. Mendeleev
    Created the first periodic table in 1869
  2. Metals
    Anything left of the bold stair case, good conductors
  3. Non-metals
    Poor conductors
  4. Metalloids
    Okay conductors
  5. Group 1
    Alkaline (have one valance e-)
  6. Group 2
    • Alkaline Earth Metals
    • ( have two valance e-)
    • reactive
  7. Group 17
    • Halogens
    • (have seven valance e-)
    • Very reactive
    • all states of matter
  8. Oxidation Number
    The charge acquiered by an element or group of elements when combining to form compounds
  9. Atomic Radius
    • Size of atom
    • Period: Decreses (proton pull)
    • Group: Increses (adding energy levels)
  10. Ionization Energy
    • Amount of energy required to remove an e- from another atom
    • Period: Increses (closer to octet, atoms are smaller)
    • Group: Decreses (Bigger atoms more energy levels)
  11. Electronegativity
    • Ability to attract e-
    • Period: Increses (Closer to octet)
    • Group: Decreses ( Addition of energy levels)
  12. Reactivity
    • How reactive an e- is
    • Left
    • Period: Decreases ( Smaller, harder to loose e-)
    • Group: Increses (Bigger, easier to remove e-)
    • Right
    • Period:Increses (Smaller gain e- easier)
    • Group: Decreses ( Bigger, harder to gain e-)
    • Bump: noble gases do not react
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