Spanish Irregulares Verbos Cer-Zco

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  1. Conocer
    to know
  2. Reconocer
    To recognize
  3. Obedecer
    to obey
  4. Desconocer
    tobe unaware
  5. Ofrecer
    to offer
  6. Padecer
    to suffer sickness
  7. Aparecer
    to appear
  8. Merecer
    to deserve, to merit
  9. Crecer
    to grow up
  10. Desobedecer
    to disobey
  11. Compadecer
    to feel sorry for
  12. Pertenecer
    to belong
  13. Establecer
    to establish
  14. Producir
    to produce
  15. Traducir
    to translate
  16. Conducir
    to drive a motor vehicle
  17. Inducir
    to induce
  18. Aducir
    to adduce
  19. Introducir
    to introduce
  20. Reproducir
    to reproduce
  21. Agradecer
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