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  1. A continuacion (acento segun o)
  2. a partir de
    beginning with; from the time that
  3. a proposito (segun o)
  4. en cuanto a
    with regard to; in regards to; for
  5. en lo tocante a
    with regard to
  6. en primer lugar
    in the first place
  7. acerca de
    about; concerning
  8. al principio
    at the beginning
  9. como punto de partida
    as a point of departure
  10. (con) respecto a
    with respect to
  11. conviene
    it is fitting, suitable, convenient
  12. hay que tener presente
    one must keep in mind
  13. para comenzar
    to commence, begin
  14. para empezar
    to begin, start
  15. tiene que ver con
    it has to do with
  16. es importante empezar con
    it's important to start with
  17. es imprescindible reconocer
    it is ncecessary to recognize
  18. es necesario destacar
    it is necessary to recognize
  19. es preciso aclarar
    it is necessary to clarify
  20. hay que tener en cuenta
    one must take into account
  21. tocante a
    in reference to; with regards to
  22. todavia (i)
  23. tratar con
    to deal with; to have to do with
  24. ya
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