chem. chapter 2

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  1. length
    • meter
    • m
  2. mass
    • kilogram
    • kg
  3. time
    • seconds
    • s
  4. thermodynamic temperature
    • kelvin
    • K
  5. amount of substance
    • mole
    • mol
  6. metric system
    system instrumental
  7. velocity (speed)
  8. area
    l x l
  9. volume
    area x length
  10. density
    mass per unit volume
  11. density is measured in....
    • g/vol.
    • g/cm3
    • g/mL
  12. dm3=...
  13. density of water at 25 degrees C=
    1.00 g/cm3
  14. 4 rules of significant digits
    • digits other than 0 are always significant
    • 1 or more final 0s used agter the dec are alwats significant
    • 0s between 2 other significant digits are significant
    • 0s used solely for spacing the sec are not significant
  15. significant digits rule in chemistry
    every math prob will have an answer in 3 significant digits
  16. when a number has five or more places....
    use scientific notation
  17. accuracy
    how close a measurement is to its actual exact value
  18. precision
    how close a set of measurements are to each other
  19. % error
    copoares your experimental value to a known value
  20. % error equation
    |your value-known value|/known value x 100
  21. qualitive measures
    when you describe an object without using meausrements
  22. quantitive measures
    when you sescribe an object using measurements
  23. temperature
    • the measurements of the average kinetic energy of particles in an object
    • the higher the kinetic energy, the higher the temp.
  24. heating
    the process in which kinetic energy is in increased
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