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  1. Morality:
    Standard and Principles that guide our behavior in society
  2. Laws:
    Mandatory rules that are enforced by the government
  3. What are the 5 functions of the law?
    • 1. Remedy
    • 2. Punish
    • 3. Regulate
    • 4. Benefit
    • 5. Contractual enforcement
  4. why is necessary the knowlege of the law in health care?
    • 1. To increase awareness of professional responsability
    • 2. it helps prevent illegal acts
    • 3. it helps prevent professional malpractice
  5. Define Ethics:
    A system of moral principles or standards governing conduct
  6. Define Bioethics:
    Ethical implications brought forth by life science
  7. Why does Bioethics deal with?
    It deals with moral issues that affect human life
  8. Why are bioethics important?
    • 1. To protect clients
    • 2. To provide guidelines for the profession
  9. Identify the values in medical ethics
    • 1.Nonmaleficence
    • 2.beneficence
    • 4.veracity
    • 5.justice
    • 6.autonomy
  10. Nonmaleficence
    No commiting any harm
  11. Beneficence
    create benefit or good
  12. Fidelity:
    Meeting the patient's reasonable expectations
  13. Veracity:
    Telling the truth even when is something the patient does not want to hear (Inform consent)
  14. Justice:
    Ensuring that every individual in similar circumstances receive their fair share of benefits
  15. Autonomy:
    "Self determination"
  16. Identify the AAMA code of ethics:
    • 1.Render service with respect for human dignity
    • 2. Respect patients confidentiality
    • 3. Uphold the honor and hight principles set for the AAMA]
    • 4. Continually improve knowledge and skills for the benefit of the patient and the health care team
    • 5. work within one's scope of practice
  17. Types of Medical practices:
    • 1. Sole proprietors
    • 2. partnership
    • 3. Professional service corporations
    • 4. Group practices
    • 5. Retainer based medicine

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Medical Ethics

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