English Vocabulary 4

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  1. Microcosm
    (n) a little world
  2. Minuscule
    • (adj) very small
    • (n) a small cursive script
  3. Obfuscate
    (v) to confuse, bewilder, or darken
  4. Paternalism
    (n) the system or practice of managing individuals, businesses, or nations in the manner of a father dealing benevolently with childre
  5. Polarize
    (v) to divide into sharply opposing factions
  6. Purview
    (n) the range of operation, authority, control, concern, etc
  7. Sanguine
    • (adj) confidently optimistic and cheerful
    • redish
  8. Solecism
    (n) a nonstandard or ungrammatical usage
  9. vassal
    (n) a person holding some similar relation to a superior; a subject, subordinate, follower, or retainer.
  10. Verisimilitude
    (n) the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability
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